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Office Order No. 45 of 2020

Sub: Preventive Measures to contain the spread of COVID-19
The number of Officials testing COVID positive, is on the rise. Therefore, there is a need for utmost precaution in safeguarding officials from getting infected while working in Office. Attention in this connection is invited to instructions contained in Office Order Nos. 44, 40, 39, 38 & 33 of 2020 to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Board’s Office. Relevant important aspects of these instructions have been consolidated and indicated at Annexure-! for information/guidance along with copy ofDOP&T’s OM dated 29.4.2020, 18.5.2020, 19.5.2020 & 05.06.2020.

2. In addition to above, further following instructions may also be kept in view by the Controlling Officers while preparing roster/calling officials to office:
a) In sections/cells where due to space constraint it is not feasible to ensure minimum distance of at least one meter between two officials, the controlling officer may take this aspect into account while approving/preparing roster for officials. Maximum number of staff
to be called shall be determined by the space available to ensure social distancing;
b) Only minimum essential category of officials/staff be called to office to ensure smooth working. Wherever feasible, officials may be asked lo work from home;
c) MTS and other supporting staff may be called only where it is absolutely essential;
d) Officials travelling in public transport be discouraged from attending office, as such while preparing roster this aspect may be kept in view;
e) Wherever, officers are sharing room or cabin, they may come, every alternate day to enforce social distancing ( in case cabin is small and physical distancing of at east one meter is not possible).

2.1 Further, use of physical movement of receipt/file be discouraged to the maximum. Instead use of e-office and other electronics means of communication be resorted to.
3. Subordinate officials may suitably be advised for ensuring strict compliance of above instructions. Strict cooperation of all of1icials is solicited in this regard.
 (B. Majumdar)
Joint Secretary/Railway Board