No. E(G)2019/LE-1/9

New Delhi, dated: 26.12.2019

The General Manager,
All Indian Railways
PUs and PSUs.

Sub: Grant of Special Casual Leave to the Railway employees Date for mountaineering/training cum trekking expeditions for 30 days in a calendar year.

Ref:  i) Board’s letter No.E(W)89SP1-5 dated 02.02.1990.
ii) DOP&T’s O.M.s -(a) No.6/1/85 Estt. (Pay-I) dated 16.07.1985, {b) No.                 6/1/85-Estt. (Pay-I) dated 07.11.1988 & (c) No. 28016/3/89-Estt (A) dated              25.10.1989.

Pursuant to the issue of DOP&T’s OM No. 125/1/2015-16/CCSCSB dated 04.12.2015 in connection with Scheme for promotion of Adventure Sports and similar activities amongst Central Government employees, it has been decided now to grant 30 days Special Casual Leave during one calendar year to the Railway employees for pursuing Mountaineering Courses besides trekking expeditions subject to the following conditions that:-

(i) The course is organized by YHAI (Youth Hostels Association of India) or has the approval IMF (Indian Mountaineering Foundation) for 30 days in a calendar year.

(ii) The Special Casual Leave to be given to an employee does not exceed 30 days in a calendar year.

Apart from the above,all the instructions contained in DOP&T’s O.M. mentioned above may be followed.

(Anita Gautam)
Director, Estt. (General)
Railway Board

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