7th Pay Commission – Salary hike news all set to come, no delays likely; check this date and other important details

7th Pay Commission: In what is going to ensure a salary boost for central government employees, Centre is likely to make an announcement soon.

7th Pay Commission: A salary hike is pending for central government employees and all are waiting for the announcement to be made. Read on to know all the critical details about this latest 7th pay commission linked news. Centre and state government employees are currently getting 12 per cent Dearness Allowance (DA), which was implemented on January 2019. Now, these central and state government employees are eagerly waiting for the DA announcement for the second half of the year 2019, which is awaited since July 2019.

As per the All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) data, the government employees are expecting 5 per cent DA for H-2 2019. As per some media reports, DA announcement may be delayed till September 2019 so that the DA announcement should come ahead of the festival season beginning with the Dussehra festival. However, as per our reports, the DA announcement may come in the month of August and the government may not delay the DA announcement for H-2 2019.

For readers’ information, DA is announced half-yearly. Speaking on the calculation involved in deciding the DA hike Harishankar Tiwari, Ex-President, AG Office Brotherhood, which is based in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh said, “The July 2019 DA is yet to be announced but as per the AICPI data, the DA hike is likely to be 5 per cent in H-2 2019.” He said that DA hike may not be delayed and announced ahead of the festival season. The Government is mulling to announce the DA hike in August itself.

Asked about the 5 per cent DA hike and its impact on various level government employees Harishankar Tiwari of AG Office Brotherhood gave the following details:

Level 1 — Basic Pay Rs 18,000 — Hike Rs 900

Level 2 — Basic Pay Rs 19,900 — Hike Rs 995

Level 3 — Basic Pay Rs 21,700 — Hike Rs 1,085

Level 4 — Basic Pay Rs 25,500 — Hike Rs 1,275

Level 5 — Basic Pay Rs 29,200 — Hike Rs 1,460

Harishankar Tiwari went on to add that after DA is announced, the basic pay of employees is changed. He said that after promotion of a government employee, his or her basic pay also gets changed. For such promoted employees, DA calculation is different. For example, suppose a government employee has served for 33 years. Then it is considered that he or she has got 33 promotions. In such case, his or her DA would be decided on the basis of its current basic pay — means award for serving the recruiter for longer period of time. Those government employees, who have served for 5 years, their basic pay would be Rs 20,300 and hence their DA would be announced on the basis of Rs 20,300.

Source:- ZEE NEWS