7th Pay Commission: Latest news reports sowed confusion in minds of central government employees about their promotions. The news reports that appeared in various papers claimed that the government will be implementing new promotion rules from April 1, 2019. As per reports, the move was aimed at improving the efficiency of employees.

7th Pay Commission: Promotion based on public feedback

7th Pay Commission: One of the reports claimed that the DoPT has accepted the proposal for a change in rules on the direction of the Prime Minister’s Office. It said that starting April, up to 80% weightage will be given to ‘public feedback’ for promotion and better appraisal.

7th Pay Commission’s recommendation

7th Pay Commission: The proposed new system of promotion and appraisal based on public feedback is said to be one of the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. Under the new system, the grading of officials by people and their experience during government work will be in the public domain.

7th Pay Commission: Increment to be withheld

7th Pay Commission: The reports claimed that the 7th Pay Commission had proposed withholding of annual increments of the employees who are not able to meet the benchmark.

7th Pay Commission: Big Promotion Gift

7th Pay Commission: However, in a big relief for the government employees, Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Dr Jitendra Singh informed the Lok Sabha that the government has no proposal under consideration to promote government officials based on public rating or feedback.

7th Pay Commission: Promotion by old rules

7th Pay Commission: This means central government employees under the aegis of 7th pay commission will be getting their appraisal and promotions as per the old rules, which are based on seniority and fitness criterion based on their internal assessment reports.