7th Pay Commission: Pay Hike For Central Government Employees Likely Soon

7th Pay Commission Latest News: The 50 lakh Central Government employees who have been waiting for the Centre’s nod to their demands of a hike in minimum pay and fitment factor beyond 7th Pay Commission recommendations will soon be getting an increase in their pay, reports claim. However, speculations are rife that the hike may not be as per their demands. The sources close to the Finance Ministry have claimed that the government is planning to gift the CG employees a hike in their salaries ahead of Diwali. The decision, if implemented, will be a major one taken up by the Narendra Modi-led government ahead of Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

This is not the first time that a report regarding pay hike for Central Government employees has emerged. Earlier in August, it was being claimed by various media reports that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during Independence Day speech, may make a big announcement with regard to Central Government employees’ demands of hike in minimum pay and fitment factor beyond 7th Central Pay Commission or 7th CPC recommendations. However, PM Modi did not make any such declaration on August 15.

If recent reports are to be believed, the government may hike the minimum pay of the CG employees by up to Rs 2,000. A highly placed source in the Finance Ministry has reportedly confirmed to The Sen Times that the hike in the salaries of Central Government employees may not be as per their demands, i.e. Rs 8,000, but an increase is likely soon. Meanwhile, there has been no confirmation about when the salary hike will be given to the Central Government employees.

Demands of Central Government Employees

The Central government employees, who are over 50 lakh, along with an equivalent number of retirees are demanding a hike in minimum pay and fitment factor beyond7th Pay Commission recommendations. Currently, the CG employees are getting a minimum pay of Rs 18,000 and demanding a hike of Rs 8,000 which will take up their salaries to Rs 26,000. A hike in the fitment factor, from 2.57 times to 3.68 times, is also being sought by them.

What Minister of Finance (MoS) in March?

Amid all the reports of hike in minimum pay for Central Government employees, Minister of Finance (MoS) P Radhakrishnan, in March, had declared that the Centre is not considering a raise the minimum pay and fitment factor of 50 lakh Central Government employees and retirees beyond 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

Source:- INDIA.COM