No. 2010/Tele/11(2)/2/Pt-ll ~ ~. 0603.2018
The Chairman & Managing Director,
RaiiTel Corporation oflndia Ltd.,
Scctor-44, (Opp:- Gold Souk Mall),
Gurgaon – 122003.

Sub: Extension of CUG Mobile facility for Indian Railways.
Ref: i) Roil way Board Letter no. 2017ffele/11(2)/l Pt dt 26/ 12/2017
ii) Rai!Tel Letter no. RCILIDNM/2017·.18/CUG/426/001 dt 09/0112018

Vide above refereed letter at (i) RailTcl was asked to float next CUG Tender for selecting a suitable CUG service provider, who can provide CUG services to Railways.
Subsequently RailTel was also apprised to evaluate inclusion of 4G based services than GSM based services, being the latest technology platform of today where data based mobile services are the need of the hours and voice being virtually free of charge.

RailTel has responded positively vide letter reffered above (iii).
Accordingly, in Railway Board, following proposal has been processed for Railway Board’s approval for consideration in next CUG service contract –
(a) CUG to all Railway employees.
(b) Railway CUG too 4G/LTE platfor
(c) Free smart phones to each employee during the term of contract.
Approval of the Railway Board of the above shall be communicated in due course.
RailTel may frame bidding documents accordingly.