There was a major meeting held earlier this week to discuss the 7th Pay Commission. Central Government employees and pensioners have expressed apprehension about the manner in which it being implemented. While there is a small ray of hope for the CG employees in January, the big question is how much will the hike be.

Will pay hike be above 17 per cent The question that all CG employees are asking if the pay hike will be above 17 per cent. As of now it appears as though it will be at 17 per cent. This means the fitment factor will go up to 3 times as a result of which the minimum basic pay hike would go from Rs 18,000 to Rs 21,000.

The trends Ahead of Diwali there were several announcements on this subject. Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan all announced the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission. The same was announced in the case of teachers as well. Sources say that this is a trend that cannot be missed and CG employees should look at this as positive development. With so many states coming up with these announcements, for CG employees there is good news around the corner.

What does 17 per cent hike mean for CG employees If the 2.57 to 3 times, then the basic pay hike would go from Rs 18,000 to Rs 21,000. However this would not be it. The allowances too would go up considerably and hence the overall hike percentage would be a good one. There are however three steps remaining before this could come into force. First an NAC meeting which would be followed by tabling of the report before the DoE. The final process would be to table it before the Cabinet which is expected to clear the proposal in the last week of January.

7th pay commission 2017 talks failing The CG employees are demanding that the amount should be 26,000. There have been several rounds of talks to increase the basic pay beyond the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. However the government for now says that the fitment factor can rise only to 3 times. From then onwards the pay would be variable in nature.

Source:- OI