The General Manager,
Northern Railway,
Baroda House,

Dear Sir,

Sub: Staff victimization by invoking Rule 14 (ii) of Railway Servants (D&A) Rules, 1968 – Kind intervention for restoration-urged.

NFIR expresses its serious disappointment over the removal of Track Maintainers and others on Delhi Division, invoking Rule 14 (ii) of Railway Servants (D&A) Rules, 1968. NFIR also strongly feels that such removals resorted to by the Competent Authority are blatant violation of extant rules on the subject issued by the DoP&T and the Railway Ministry from time to time. The removal of Track Maintainers , JEIP. Way etc., has also been gross violation of the decisions of the Apex Court.

NFIR has approached CRB through its letter No. IV5lPart III dated 0610912017 (copy enclosed) expressing its disappointment over invoking Rule 14 (ii), resulting demoralization among the Railway employees who perform their duties in the field facing several odds, difficulties and adverse situations and ensure unintemrpted services round the clock, all the days.

There is widespread unrest among the Railway employees in general and safety category staff in particular on Northem Railway as they resent the unjustified decisions in the form of summary removals of staff (Track Maintainers etc) without giving opportunity to them to defend their case.

While inviting General Manager’s kind attention to Railway Board’s letter No. E(D&A) 2017 RG6-2i dated 18/0912017, NFIR urges to see that those removed under Rule 14 (ii) are restored back immediately in the interest to maintain the morale of employees and equally ensure justice to those who have been victimized without giving any opportunity to defend their innocence.

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