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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indicated during a meeting with Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley that revised allowances and HRA as per the 7th Pay Commission must be given to the lakhs of central government employees. A decision to this effect will be taken in the Cabinet meeting likely to be held on June 28. Sources said that during the Cabinet meeting on June 28, Modi who would have returned from his US visit will part of it.

What Modi told Jaitley
It was a busy schedule for both Modi and Jaitley this week. Both leaders met on Monday to discuss the issue on higher allowances and HRA. All aspects including the burden on the exchequer were discussed during the meeting that lasted for an hour. Modi indicated that the issue relating to the central government employees should be addressed. Both leaders were in agreement that HRA at the rate of 27, 18 and 9 percent of the Basic Pay for Class X, Y and Z cities respectively must be given. The Pay Panel had recommended slashing the HRA from 30, 20 and 10 per cent to 24, 16 and 8 percent of the Basic Pay for Class X, Y and Z cities respectively.

Delay not advisable
During the Modi-Jaitley meet, the former was appraised about the growing unrest. It was said that employees had also started protesting on a small scale. Both leaders agreed that delaying the matter further would not be advisable. Moreover the advisors in the Finance Ministry also felt that the situation could go out of control if the matter was further delayed. Jaitley said that the agenda would be fixed for the next Cabinet meeting and the issued resolved once and for all. Futher the Intelligence Bureau had also said that any more delay in the matter could get the employees agitated. It had advised that pending issues must be resolved at the earliest.

Better pay better work
Meanwhile the feedback collected from central government employees suggests that almost all of them are a dejected lot. The PM and FM were appraised about the frustration that the employees were going through. They were also told that the employees have been waiting for some good news on allowances for over one year now. It was advised that if the employees get good allowances and higher HRA then their performance also would be better. Modi has always maintained that good governance is the key to success and in order to achieve this, the central government employees need to happy.

Don’t worry says Cabinet secretary
The Cabinet secretary has told all central government employees that the issue would be resolved within this month itself. The Cabinet Secretary assured that, all the things are in the process and most probably would be placed in the next Cabinet meeting. Normally, Union Cabinet meets on every Wednesday, but this time 21st June, 2017 being “Yoga Day”, this may defer for one or two days, so according to the assurance given by the Cabinet Secretary, we hope that the matter of the allowances would be settled within this month, the All Affiliated Unions has said. We have also come to know from the reliable sources that the Committee on National Pension System(NPS) has also submitted its report and some serious discussion is on for its implementation. The Cabinet Secretary also assured that he has discussed the issue of “Very Good” benchmark with the CRB as well as Secretary(DoP&T), where he has advised them that the benchmark should be the same as prevalent in the case of promotion; the same should be for MACP also.

Source:- OneIndia News