RBE No.52/2017

No.E(G) 2017/AD 1-1                                                         New Delhi, dated 30 .05.2017
The General Managers & FA&CAOs,
All Indian Railways & Production Units etc.
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Sub: Grant of Advances Seventh Central Pay Commission recommendations — Discontinuance of Calamity Advance’

The Seventh Central Pay Commission vide-Para 9.1.4 had recommended that all the interest-free advances being granted to the Central Government employees should be abolished, The Government’s decision in this regard has been conveyed by the Ministry of Finance vide their OM No. 12(I) E.II(A)/2016 dated 07.10.2016. According to the instructions contained therein, the Natural Calamity Advance in addition to six other advances has been abolished.

2. The Government’s decision in respect o abolition of advance of Natural Calamity Advance has been considered by the Ministry of Railways in consultation with Finance Directorate. It has, been decided to abolish Natural Calamity advance w.e.f. 07.10.2016 The cases where the advances have already been sanctioned need not be reopened,

3. The provisions in respect of Natural Calamity Advance are contained in paras 1123 and 1123(A) of Indian Railway Establishment Manual (IRBM), Volume-I. In view of the above, it that paras 1123 and 1123(A) of IREM may be amended as in the enclosed Advance Correction Slip No.238,

4. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways,

5. Please acknowledge receipt,

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