Government of lndia
 Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

No. E(W)2007/PS5-1/9                                                                                                  New Delhi, dated 28.02.2017
The General Manager (P)
All Indian Railways & PUs
Sub: Validity of year-ending Passes.
Ref: Board’s letter of even number dated 31.03 .2015.

In terms of standing instmctions contained in Board’s above referred letter, year-ending Passes/PTOs should be issued with the validity as prevailing on 31st December of respective calendar year since such year-ending Passes/PTOs are deemed to have been issued latest by that day. Accordingly, the validity period of year-ending Passes of the calendar year 2016 should be for 5 months i.e. upto 30th May, 20]7.
2. However, complaints, telephonic queries and RTI applications received in this context from the employees/pensioners/widow pass beneficiaries indicate that in some of the Divisions and Health Units, year-ending Passes are still isued with 4 months validity instead of 5 months. ·
3. The Railways are, therefore, advised to follow the extant instructions on the validity of year-ending passes scrupulously. >W ‘ herever year-ending Passes have been issued with 4 months validity, the same should be re validated, for 5 months i.e. made valid upto 30th May, 2017, if requested by the employee/pensioner/widow pass holder.
Complaints in this regard, if received henceforth, would be forwarded o the concerned Railway for fixing responsibility.

(Sunil Kumar)
Director Estt.(W elfare)
Railway Board