Central Government employees and Pensioners betrayed by the central Government by breach of assurance given by Group of Cabinet Ministers including Shri Rajnath Singh, Shiri Arun Jaitely and Shri Suresh Prabhu regarding increase in Minimum Pay and Fitment formula. This 7th pay commission is the worst after 2nd CPC report in 1960. Government implemented the report without any modification suggested by Staff side (JCM). In 1960 entire employees went on five days strike.

Government betrayed Central Government employees and Pensioners by denying eligible 3% Dearness Allownace with effect from 01.07.2016. DA for pre-revised Minimum pay of 7000 is 7% = 490 per month. Same pre-revised pay of 7000 revised to 18000 after merger of 125% DA as on 01.01.2016. New DA granted for revised minimum pay of 18000 is 2% = 360 per month. Thus there is a recurring loss of Rs. 130/- per month in DA granted to Minimum pay. For other higher pay scales the loss is still higher.

Hence, the Central government employees and workers have yet again decided to go on a one-day strike commencing on February 15, 2017, against the promises made by the Union Cabinet for salary hike from January 1, 2017, as per the recommendation of 7th Pay Commission. The Confederation strike notice was sent to the Cabinet Secretary, Government of India, where it was mentioned that the demands are in pursuance of which employees and workers will render upon the one-day strike.

The demands are related to the recommendation made by the Centre under the 7th Pay Commission which stays intact and adjusted in the list sent to the government body dated as of 29 December 2016. It includes the demands raised by National Joint Council of Action where the modification had been submitted to the Cabinet Secretary on and before December 10, 2015. The following notice majorly emphasises upon ‘equal pay for equal work’ judgement made by the Supreme Court which was later on implied in the recommendation made in 7th Pay Commission.

The assurance was given to the central government employees by the Centre for an increase in the minimum wage, fitment factor, granting revised HRA at the existing percentage of 10%, 20% and 30%, accepting the proposal of transport allowance, along with settle all the previous anomalies as per the 7th pay commission recommendations. It also includes implementation of parity in pensions for pensioners before 2016, settles the pension-related issue, discontinues PFRDA Act and New Pension System (NPS) as well as granting family pension to those recruited after 1/1/2004.

Apart from this, financial upgradation and promotion on the category of ‘Good’ and ‘Very Good’ has been asked to be withdrawn along with abolishing Lower Division Clerk group as the wages given are minimal in amount. The central workers have also urged the Centre to provide cashless medical treatment to the permanent employees as well as the pensioners in leading government and private hospitals.

The union alleges, In the past, only one Committee before implementation of CPC report and one Anomaly Committed after implementation was constituted. This time Committee after Committees are constituted but no negotiated settlement with the JCM (NC) staff side on any of the issue, but only one-way hearing of the views of the staff side.

Implementation Committee, Empowered Committee, Allowances Committee, Pension (Option-1) Committee, Anomaly Committee, New Pension System (NPS) Committee and Senior officers Committee (?) to discuss the issues arising out of 7th CPC recommendations. (no formal orders constituting the Group of Senior Offices Committee and no terms of reference made public). Almost six months are over after Cabinet approving pay scales and one year is over after submission of 7th CPC report, but no outcome of any committee), they said.

No negotiated settlement on Confederation’s 21 Point Charter of demands which includes increase in minimum pay, Fitment formula, no reduction of HRA rate, Revision of all allownaces, Restoration of abolished Advances, Option-1 for pensioners, Scrap New Pension System, Autonomous bodies wage revision, GDS Issues, Casual Labour issues, MACP promotional hierarchy and “Very good” bench mark, filling up of vacancies, removal of 5% compassionate appointment restriction, Five promotions, LDC/UDC pay upgradation, Parity in pay scales with Central Secretariat Staff, removal of CCL adverse condition, equal pay for equal work etc, they added.

The respective notice has been issued to the Cabinet Secretary and will take the matter in hands from January 1, 2017, as per the stated rules set by the Government of India. As of now, no verdict or response has been recorded from the Union Cabinet on this matter.

Source: fabnewz