RBE No. 42/2016




No.E(G)2015/EM 1-37

Rail Bhawan,New Delhi,

dated 27 /04/2016

The General Manager(s),

All Indian Railways & Production Units etc.

(As per standard mailing list)

Subject: Procedure for grant of permission to the pensioners for commercial employment after retirement — revision of Form 1.

As the Railway Administration are aware, in terms of Rule 11 of Railway Services (Pension) Rules, 1993 retired Railway servants proposing to take up commercial employment within a year of retirement are required to seek permission from the Government. They are required to apply for permission in Form 1 of Railway Services (Pension) Rules 1993. Form 1 prescribed under the said rule has since been reviewed with a view to simplify the procedure, The revised Form 1 is enclosed.

2.The revised form incorporates the conditions prescribed in clauses (b) to (f) of sub-Rule 3 of Rule 11. There is now no requirement for obtaining an affidavit as prescribed in the Declaration in the notification issued vide Board’s letter No.E(G)2007/EM 1-1 dated 19/9/2007.

3.This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Dte.

4.Formal Notification of Rules will follow.

(D. Joseph)

Dy.Director Estt.(Genl.)

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