Clarification regarding grant of CTG (Composite Transfer Grant)


No. F(E)I/2015/AL-28/57                                                                                            RBE 161/2016

New Deihl, dated 03.12.2015.

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways etc.
(As per Standard Mailing List)

Sub: Clarification regarding grant of CTG.

Ref: East Central Railway’s letter No;ECR/Fin/Admin/CTG/Gaz dated 19.10.2015 .
A doubt has been raised by one of the Railways whether reimbursement of expenditure towards transportation of personal effects by road in addifon to 100% CTG is admissible when employees do not avail Kit Pass.

2. It is clarified that vide Board’s letter No.E(W)2004/PS-5-9- . 8.2011, personal effects and transportation of car have been per road on reimbursement basis to the place of posting in case of trans e of settlement after retirement. This entitlement is in addition to CTG as p rates prescribed in Board’s letter No. F(E)/2011/AL-28/26 dt. 14.02.20 F~)i/2008/AL-28/15 dt. 29.12.2010 and F(E)I/2011/AL-28/18 dated 13.0~0 .04.2014.
3. ·This disposes off East Central Railway letter dated 19.10.2015.
4. Hindi version is enclosed.
5. Please acknowledge receipt.
No. F(E)I/2015/AL-28/57

(Sonali Chaturvedi)
Dy. Director Finance (Estt.)
Railway Board.
New Delhi dated 23.12.2015

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