Periodical transfer of non-gazetted Railway employees – RBE 158/2015


RBE 158/2015

No. E(NG)I-2009/TR/7
The General Manager(P)s,
All Indian Railways & Production Units.
(As per standard list).

New Delhi, dated 17.12.2015

Sub : Periodical transfer of non-gazetted Railway employees.

In terms of the extant policy, Railway employees; holding sensitive posts including those· who frequently come into contact with public and/or contractors/suppliers, are required to be transferred every four years.

A comprehensive  list identifying such posts was also prepared and circulated to the ‘Railways. All the instructions issued by Board from time to time in this regard were consolidated at a glance and issued to Zonal Railways & Production Units under Board’s letter of even number dated 03.04.2014 (copy enclosed) for better implementation of this policy.

2. It has come to the notice that the above policy instructions/guidelines of Board not being followed in letter and spirit by some of the field units, it is therefore considered essential to re-iterate Board’s policy on Periodical/Rotational transfer for strict compliance in its true spirit.

(Arvind Kumar)
Executive Director Estt (N)
Railway Board

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