7th Pay Commission recommendations – Running staff of Indian Railways

Running Staff
Loco Running Staff, comprising Loco Pilots, Motormen, Shunters and Firemen, and Traffic Running Staff comprising Guards, perform operations and other duties on moving
trains or locomotives.
The present pay structure is as under:-

running staff 1

In the category of Loco Running Staff, direct recruitment is only at the level of ALP with minimum educational qualification of Class X + ITI in specified trades/Act Apprenticeship. 50 percent of ALPs are filled up from amongst volunteering Diesel/Electrical Loco fitter or from Diesel/Electrical maintenance sheds/shops. Remaining 50 percent+ Vacancies from above are filled up by direct recruitment through RRBs.
In Traffic Running Staff, the post of Assistant Guard is filled up 100 percent by promotion from the feeder categories of the erstwhile Group D staff, presently classified as Group `C’, placed in GP 1800. Minimum educational qualification required is Class X with Medical Classification of A-2. The post of Goods Guard is filled up through two modes of recruitment–(i) through Direct Recruitment through RRBs with educational qualification of graduation with medical fitness in A-2 Category, and (ii) through General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE), for which the categories of Trains Clerk, Sr.Trains Clerk, Pointsman in GP 1900, Commercial Clerk in GP 2000 and GP 2800, Ticket Checking Staff in GP 1900 and GP 2400, are eligible to appear in the selection. Goods Guards, on completion of two years’ service, are eligible to move up in hierarchy on the basis of seniority-cumsuitability.
11.40.60 Both the categories of staff have asked for better pay package. It has also been brought to the notice of the Commission that after the implementation of the VI CPC recommendations, the posts of LP Shunter-I and LP Goods carry the same GP4200. Employees are reported to be reluctant to move from Shunter-I to LP Goods because of increased responsibility, workload and variable hours of working without any additional benefit. This has resulted in vacancies at the level of LP Goods, which the Railway administration is finding difficult to fill.

Analysis and Recommendations
The Commission notes that the VI CPC had provided the following additional allowance (Special Running Staff Allowance) to the running staff:
1. ₹1,000 pm to Loco Pilot Mail/Express
2. ₹500 pm to Loco Pilot Passenger/Motormen
3. ₹500 pm to Guard Mail/Express
 It is recommended that the Special Running Staff Allowance should be raised to ₹2,250 pm for Loco Pilot Mail/Express, ₹1,125 pm to Loco Pilot Passenger/Motormen and ₹1,125 for Guard Mail/Express. In addition, Loco Pilot Goods and Sr.Passenger Guard should also be extended this allowance at the rate of ₹750 pm. This will incentivize the movement of LP Shunter-I to LP Goods. As before, Dearness Allowance will be payable on this allowance. However, it will not count for pensionary benefits.
Staff Federations have demanded that the minimum educational qualification of ALPs, which is presently Class X+ITI, should be raised to graduation. Ministry of Railways stated that with the use of enhanced technology in locomotives and matching improvement in reliability, modern cabs are equipped with diagnostic screens which not only eliminate guesswork but also make it simpler to locate and rectify faults. Hence the present qualification is adequate. The Commission concurs with the view of Ministry of Railways, since the effectiveness of Loco Pilots can be improved by revamping their training rather than enhancing
the minimum educational qualification.