Clarification regarding stepping up of pay of senior Pas of CSSS w.r.t. their juniors.


Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training

3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
Khan Market, New Delhi-110003.
Dated: 27th August, 2015.


Subject: Clarification regarding stepping up of pay of senior Pas of CSSS w.r.t. their juniors.

The undersigned is directed to say that several references have been received in this Department from Ministries/Departments seeking advice as to whether the pay of the senior Pas can be stepped up at par with that of their junior Shri Jai Bhagwan, PA of Department of Commerce (Supply Division) (now in Ministry of Information & Broadcasting). It has also come to the notice of this Department that many Ministries/Departments have already granted stepping up of pay to their Pas at par with the pay of Shri Jai Bhagwan.

  1. The issue of fixation of pay of Shri Jai Bhagwan, PA has been examined in this Department. As per DoP&T’s O.M. No.35034/1/97-Estt.(D) dated 04th October, 2012, stepping up of pay is allowed to those officials who got their ACPS benefit prior to 1.1.2006 but are drawing less pay than their juniors, who got it after 1.1.2006 subject to certain conditions. Therefore, in all similar cases, the stepping up of pay of a particular senior who got the ACPS benefit before 1.1.2006 could only be allowed with direct reference to a particular junior who got it after 1.1.2006 and got his pay fixed in terms of para 2(c) of Department of Expenditure’s U.O. note No.10/1/2009-IC dated 14.12.2009. Any stepping up of pay is not allowable in a chain-like manner. Shri Jai Bhagwan got ACP on 01.07.2005 and as such, para 2(c) of Department of Expenditure’s U.O. note No. 10/1/2009-IC dated 14.12.2009 would apparently not apply in his case. As such, the pay fixation order No.G-12014/1/2008-Admn. Dated 09.02.2011 of Shri Jai Bhagwan, PA issued by the Department of Commerce (Supply Division) is not in order.
  2. Ministry of I&B were requested to explore the possibility of allowing stepping up of pay to Shri Jai Bhagwan, in case his case is covered under the O.M. dated 04.10.2012. Accordingly, DAVP, Ministry of I&B, re-examined his case and re-fixed his pay w.e.f. 01.07.2006 by granting stepping up of pay with reference to his junior namely Smt. Promila Bandooni. A copy of DAVP, M/o I&B’s Office Order No.A.20012/07/2012-Admn.I dated 15.07.2015 regarding re-fixation of pay of Shri Jai Bhagwan, PA of CSSS is enclosed herewith.
  3. In view of the above, all Ministries/Departments are advised to take further necessary action of accordingly review the stepping up of pay already granted to their PAs in comparison to Shri Jai Bhagwan, PA, CSSS and necessary recoveries of excess amount, if any, be affected, in this regard, from the concerned officials.

(Kameshwar Mishra)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
Telefax: 24623157

Government of India
Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity
(Ministry of Information & Broadcasting)
Soochana Bhavan, CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
New Delhi, dated 15.07.2015


As per instructions contained in DOPT’s O.M. No. 35034/1/97-Estt.(D) dated. 04.10.2012, the pay of Shri Jai Bhagwan, PA of CSSS Cadre is hereby stepped up w.e.f. 01.07.2006 to an amount equal to the pay of his junior viz. Smt. Promila Bandooni, PA of CSSS Cadre of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Deptt of Commerce (Supply Division) who got her 1st ACP w.e.f. 01.07.2006 in the pay scale of Rs. 5500-9000 and fixed as under.

Basic Pay in pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 5500-9000 as on 01.01.2006 As per 6th CPC recommendations Pay in revised scale PB02 + GP Rs. 4600 as on 01.01.2006 Date of next increment/ event Pay re-fixed in PB-2, Grade Pay Rs. 4600/- (In Rs.) Remarks
Rs. 5500/- as on 01.01.2006 Rs. 12090 + 4600/- 01.07.2006 12590/- + 4600 Annual increment
    01.07.2006 13860/- + 4600/- Pay stepped up with Smt. Promila Bandooni, PA
    01.07.2007 14420/- + 4600/- Annual Increment
    01.07.2008 14990/- + 4600/- Annual Increment
    01.07.2009 15580/- + 4600/- Annual Increment
    01.07.2010 16190/- + 4600/- Annual Increment
    01.07.2011 16820/- + 4600/- Annual Increment
    01.07.2012 17470/- + 4600/- Annual Increment
    01.07.2013 18140/- + 4600/- Annual Increment
    04.01.2014 18140/- + 4800/- Granted 2ndMACP w.e.f. 04.01.2014
    01.07.2014 18830/- + 4600/-


19540/- + 4800/-

Annual Increment


Increment of grant of 2ndMACP

    01.07.2015 20270/- + 4800/- Annual Increment
  1. The date of next Annual Increment to Shri Jai Bhagwan, PA of CSSS cadre will be 01.07.2016, if otherwise admissible.
  2. Excess payment, if any made in the form of pay fixation and arrears arising out of the stepping up of pay are subject to recovery in the light of audit objection without further notice.
  3. This supersedes, all earlier pay fixation orders in respect of Sh. Jai Bhagwan, P.A. after implementation of the 6th CPC.

(Parijat Diwan)
Deputy Director (Admn.)