Raebareli coach factory to start full-fledged production of coaches by end of the year

LUCKNOW: Raebareli rail coach factory might start full-fledged production by end of the year. After starting production in 2011, the factory has produced only 375 assembled coaches so far.

The ‘synchronization’ of machines is on at the factory which will ensure full production, said sources.

The factory was set-up to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of coaches. Indian Railways need about 5,000 coaches in a year. RCF, Kapoorthala and Integral coach factory, Chennai together roll out some 2,500 coaches. Raebareli factory, say sources, has the capacity to produce 1,500 coaches if it is made to function in three shifts.

But so far the Lalganj factory in VIP constituency Raebareli has not come on its own. It is still dependent on RCF, Kapoorthala for 50% raw material.

In June last year, the factory was declared independent by the centre so that it could manufacture coaches independently without entirely depending on government fund. But that has not boost production.

“This year it has to manufacture 500 coaches,” said sources.

The factory produces only LHB coaches. LHB is a light weight coach based on German technology that can improve the speed of train and is the latest requirement of Indian Railways.

Railways incur about Rs 2.73 crore in manufacturing a single AC 3 tier LHB coach and Rs 2.63 crore in manufacturing an AC 2 tier LHB coach. An empty shell costs around Rs 50 to 60 lakh.


Project sanctioned — November 2006

Foundation laid — February 2007

Land acquisition started — August 2007

Sanctioned cost — Rs 1685 crore

Cost escalation (due to delay) — Rs 2500 crore

Target (when announced) — rolling out 1,000 coaches per year

Land acquired — 541 hectare

Land for factory — only 167 hectare

Construction started — February 2009

Source: Times of India