Removal of ceiling on Bonus is to be discussed in Labour Conference

Ceiling on Productivity linked bonus had been a bone of contention for central government employees for many years. Central Government employees were demanding scrapping of ceiling on PLB since the ceiling has been imposed on PLB. Presently ceiling on Productivity Linked Bonus is Rs 3500 and government has hinted many times that ceiling this time would either be scrapped or increased. In this connection government has shortlisted agenda to be discussed in the 46th Session of Indian Labour Conference. Amendment in Bonus Act and Removal of condition of ceiling is main Agenda item of 46th Session of Indian Labour Conference. We have posted many times that this year government is considering to give central government employees an increased bonus. We hope that matter will be sorted in 46th Session of Indian Labour Conference and Central Government Employees will get good news on bonus issue. 

Government issued press statement on the issue which has been reproduced below:-

47th Session of Standing Labour Committee revises agenda for 46th Session of Indian Labour Conference 

In a meeting held here on 10th July,2015 ,47th Session of Standing Labour Committee shortlisted agenda items for detailed deliberation in the 46th Session of Indian Labour Conference.

Sl. No.

Agenda Item

1. Implementation of the conclusions/ recommendations of the 43rd, 44th and 45th Indian Labour Conference, particularly on Contract Labour, Minimum Wages and Scheme Workers and Tripartite Mechanism
2. Social Security for the workers both in organized and unorganized sector
3. Amendment of Bonus Act – Removal of conditions on payment ceiling, eligibility limits, decisions to pay minimum bonus without linking to loss when the performance indicator satisfy grant of bonus
4. Labour Laws amendments proposed/done either by the Central or State Governments
5. Employment and Employment Generation

The Standing Labour Committee (SLC), a tripartite body is a pre-curs or to the Indian Labour Conference(ILC).  As a matter of practice, and to maintain continuous dialogue with social partners, meetings of these apex bodies are convened once in a year to discuss the topical issues concerning labour.  All the 12 Central Trade Union Organisations, Central Organisations of employers, all State Governments and Union Territories and Central Ministries/Departments concerned with the agenda items, are the members of the ILC and SLC.

Source: PIB