Ministry of Finance and DOPT many important cases of Railway employees

MOF and DOPT has rejected many important cases of Railway employees which were referred to those ministries for its opinion. It is a great setback to railway employees. Railway employees were eagarly waiting for those cases to be settled in their favour but MOF and DOPT acted otherwise. Some of the important cases which were referred are:-
1. PC-VI /2008/IC/2Qd t: t9/ 1| /2012—- Allotment of Grade Pay of Rs 5400 for Group ‘B’ Gazetted Officers in
Railways who were in the pre-revised ofRs 7500-12000.
2. PC-VI/2008/ICl2dt t: 06/0| /2012 —–Allotment of Grade pay of Rs 4800 in PB-2 for Supervisor in the Railway who were in the pre-revised scale of Rs6500-105000 74500-11500.
3.  Grant of annual increment due on 01/07/2006 to Sr. Assistant who got stepping up of their pay equal to the stage of their junior w.e.f. 05/01/2006.
4. Fixation of pay in the cases wherein employees were promoted during 0l/01/2006 and 3l/08/2008 and opted revised pay structure

5.  Stepping up of pay of seniors at par with their junior drawing higher Grade Pay under MACPS.


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