Payment of Pension through PAO Cash Counters-reg

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
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Central Pension Accounting Office
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CPAO/Tech/Computer Cell/Misc./2014-15/104-168 .



Sub: Payment of Pension through PAO Cash Counters-reg

As per Para 7.5 of Civil Accounts Manual, the pensioners have been provided the facility of getting their pension payment through PAO Counters, if he/she opts so. As per Para 7.5.8 of Civil Accounts Manual, all PPO issuing authorities are supposed to furnish an abstract of PPO in Annexure ‘C’ for the pensioners who desired to draw pension through PAO Counters to Central Pension Accounting Office for incorporating these details in database of CPAO. Accordingly, a Circular to this effect was issued by CPAO to all CCAs/CAs/AGs vide No. CPAO/Tech/Computer Cell/Misc./2011-2012/1385 dated 08.02.2012.

2. As a part of “Digital India”, CPAO has introduced online submission of Annexure ‘C’ through CPAO’s website. Now PAOs can submit online details of such pensioners who opt for drawing pension from PAO Counters. As such, there is no need to send the hard copy of the same to the CPAO. This will facilitate the automatic construction of pensioners’ data in CPAO’s database.

3. Steps to submit aforesaid details are as follows:

(i) Visit CPAO’s website:
(ii) Login as PAO with existing Username and Password.
(iii) Click on “Data Capture Module for Pensioners getting Pension from PAO Cash Counter”.
(iv) Enter the fields provided chronologically by using “Next” Button.
(v) By clicking “Submit” Button at the end, the details will be captured in CPAO’s database.

4. All Pr.CCAs/CCAS/CAs (holding independent charges)/AGs are requested to instruct the PAOs under their jurisdiction to provide the details of pensioners (all present pensioners/family pensioners) who have opted to draw their pension directly from PAO Cash Counters using online facility at CPAO’s website.

Vijay Singh)
Sr. Accounts Officer (Tech)