Single Window System for receiving disciplinary cases


No. E( D&A) 2008 RG 6-29

Dated 23.12.2014

The General Manager ( P),
All Indian Railways and Production Units etc.,

Sub: Introduction of Single Window System in Railway Board for receiving disciplinary cases of non gazetted Railway Servants.

Please refer to Board’s letter of even no. dated 4.8.2009 wherein the attention of the Railways was invited to the issue of pendency of disciplinary cases for prolonged periods which results in unnecessary hardship to the Railway servants, especially the retired Railway servants, whose pensionary benefits are withheld due to non finalization of the disciplinary cases.

1.1 It was emphasized therein that disciplinary cases may be finalized speedily, for which Railways may develop a monitoring mechanism both at headquarters and division/workshop levels to avoid unnecessary delays. Further, a checklist was circulated to avoid back references of cases and consequent delays. It is, however, noticed that many Railways are still sending the disciplinary cases to Board’s office without complete documents. While in some cases the checklist s not sent at all, in other cases it not filled in properly leaving out vital information. This creates difficulty in scrutiny and verification of the records in Railway Board’s office leading to prolonged and avoidable correspondences with the Railways resulting in further delay.

2. With a view to expedite scrutiny of disciplinary cases in the Railway Board, it has been decided that a Single Window System be implemented for receipt of the disciplinary cases of non-gazetted Railway Servants in Railway Board’s office, as per the revised checklist, enclosed herewith. The cases should be accompanied with the check list, duly filled in, and signed by Group ‘A’ officer of the Personnel Department of the Railway headquarters.

3. Under the Single Window System, a gazetted officer of the Personnel Department of the Railway headquarter will be required to personally hand over the disciplinary cases of non-gazetted Railway Servants with all the relevant documents/records in E(D&A) branch, Room No.359-F (Third Floor), Rail Bhavan with prior appointment on Telephone Nos.011 23303959, 030-43959 (Rly), 011-23303276 and 030-43276 (Rly) on any working day

4. The cases received from the zonal Railways/Production Units etc. would initially be scrutinized on receipt at the Single Window, in terms of information provided in the check list. Only such cases which are complete as per the check list would be accepted for further detailed scrutiny and examination incomplete cases shall be returned to the bearer, pointing out the deficiencies A List of Do’s and Dont’s is also enclosed for guidance The Single Window System shall come in force from 01.01.2015. Zonal Railways/Production Units etc. may therefore send all the disciplinary cases n respect of nongazetted railway servants to the Railway Board’s office only in accordance with Single Window System, The Single Window System will also be applicable for those disciplinary cases of non-gazetted Railway servants which have been referred back to the concerned Railway/Production Unit due to incomplete documents/information/clarification etc.

5. It is reiterated that:

(a) Disciplinary cases of non-gazetted Railway servants received in Board’s office after 01 01 2015 will not be accepted unless sent as per the Single Window System.

(b) The checklist should be filled in properly and signed by a Group ‘A’ officer of Personnel Department of Railway HQ.

(c) The cases should be handed over personal y at the Single Window by a gazetted officer of Personnel Department of Railway HQ to facilitate attestation of any document, if required.

6. Please acknowledge receipt.

DA: Check list and list of Do’s & Don’ts

(Rajiv Kishore)
Executive Director ( ERP)
Railway Board

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