WHITE ECHS Smart Card facility will be extended to the spouses of war disabled/battle casualty/disabled veterans.

1. Further to this office letter No 13/29701-PR/AG/ECHS dt 04 Jun 2010, B/49711/AG/ECHS dt 29 Mar 2011 and B/40701-PR/AG/ECHS dt 12 Dec 2013.

2. Many of war disabled/battle casualty/disabled veterans are unable to visit the ECHS Polyclinics and their spouses are required to attend in their place to procure the requisite medicines and seek doctor’s advice. Some of them are required to wait long hours. Many of these spouses cannot afford to leave their husbands unattended and invariably take the unavoidable step of ignoring the necessary continued treatment.

3. Even when both the injured war disabled/battle casualty/disabled veteran and his spouse visit ECHS Polyclinic together needing to be seen by the doctor separately, the fact of immediate medical treatment is defeated when the veteran is required to wait long hours for his spouse.

4 This becomes more important for other ranks where many spouses are illiterate and unable to fend for themselves.

5. In view of above, it is directed that white ECHS Smart Card facility will be extendedto the spouses of war disabled/battle casualty/disabled veterans. All Polyclinics will give priority to these veterans for registration, consultation, referrals and issue of medicines.

(Sanjeev Saroch)