General Departmental Competitive Examination for filling up of Group ‘C’ categories

R.B. No.113/2014
Ministry Of Railways


New Delhi, dated 20.10.2014

1. The General Managers (P)
All Indian Railways & PUs.
(As per Standard List).

2. The Chairmen,
(a) Railway Recruitment Boards;
(b) Railway Recruitment Cells.

Sub: Scheme of General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) for filling up of 25%-50% of net direct recruitment quota vacancies            In Group ‘C’ categories —Partial shift in the duty of agency conducting GDCE regarding.

Ref:  (I) Railway Board’s letter No.E(NG)l.92/PM2/16 dated 20.08.1993.
(II) Railway Board’s letter No.E(NG)l-2011PM1./2 dated

In terms of extant instructions, indents for filling up of net direct recruitment quota through GDCE are to be placed on RRBs, which in turn conduct GOCE along with direct recruitment with separate merit list for GDCE candidates.

2. In view of reorganization of RRBs as well as holding of examination cycle becoming more elaborate and time consuming, this Ministry has considered the matter afresh. Accordingly, ¡n partial modification to the duties and responsibilities of the agency attached with conducting examination of GDCE, it has been decided that:

() The date for GDCE examination shall, henceforth, be fixed by Railway Recruitment Centres (RRCs) of the Railways ¡n consultation with CPOs and Chairman of respective RRBs.

(ii) Question Papers for GDCE shall be provided by respective RRBs, but evaluation shall be done by RRCs on the basis of answer keys provided by the former. However, instead of 3 sets of Questions Papers, only one set of the same will be provided by RRBs to RRCs for GDCE. All other recruitment related activities will be performed by Chairman of respective RRCs.

3. The other conditions applicabIe to GOCE shall remain unchanged.

This issues In consultation with concerned directorates of Railway Board.

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(Amita Bhalla)
Deputy Director-Il/ E(NG)I
Railway Board.

Source : AIRF