Cadre restructuring benefit to staff – proper implementation of Railway Board’s decision. (PNM/NFIR item no. 6/2008).


No: PC-III/2007/FE-II/1

dated 26-05-2014.

The General Secretary,
3,Chelmsford Road,
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Sub:- Cadre restructuring benefit to staff – proper implementation of Railway Board’s decision. (PNM/NFIR item no. 6/2008).

Ref:- Minutes of last PNM meeting held on 30th & 31st January-2014.

Cadre restricting orders for all the major categories have been issued vide Board’s letter no. PC-III/2013/CRC/4 dated 08-10-2013 (RBE No. 102/2013). The cadre restructuring of IT cadre is under examination of the EDs’ Committee constituted by Board.

Further, as per minutes of last PNM meeting on item no. 6/2008, cadre restructuring of left over categories (as advised by NFIR vide their letter no. I/8/CRC/09/Vol.9 dated 18-11-2013), has been examined in detail and a statement showing category-wise reasons for non-feasibility of cadre restructuring of these categories is enclosed.

Encl: As above

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for Secretary, Railway Board

Reasons for non-feasibility of cadre restructuring in left over categories are as under:-



Reasons for non-feasibility of cadre restructuring.

(i) Helper & Safaiwala working in GP Rs.1800 and other erstwhile Group ‘D’ staff. Being in a single grade (GP rs.1800), cadre restructuring is not feasible. Further a Committee has been constituted by Board for examining the issue of providing AVC to the Safaiwalas.
(ii) Wagon Movement Inspectors. In 1993, this category was a part of Traffic Inspector, In 2003 cadre restructuring, the categories of ASMs/SMs, YMs & TIs were merged in unified cadre of ASM/SM. Accordingly, the category of WMI have also been merged with the unified cadre of ASM/SM by majority of the Railways. However, as per data received from Railways, only on few Railways viz. CR,ER,NCR,NWR & WCR, this cadre is being operated as separate cadre.
(iii) Transit Inspectors This category is operated only on WR. Percentage prescribed for Commercial Clerks cadre has also been applied for this category earlier vide Board’s letter dated 16-12-93.
(iv) Lab Assistant/CMT The category of CMT has been restructured vide Board’s letter dated 08-10-2013. The category of Lab Assistant in Mech. Deptt. was also not undertaken in the previous cadre restructuring in the year 1993 & 2003.
(v) Nursing Staff Higher Pay Structure has been granted to this category by the 6thCPC.
(vi) Occupational Therapists This is a isolated category. As per data collected in the year 2005, only 3 posts of this category were available on all IR (1 post each in ER in 6500-10500, NR in 4500-7000 & WR in 5500-9000).
(vii) Horticulture Staff Separate cadre of Horticulture Inspectors/ Supervisors are only on NR, NCR & NER. On other Railways, the posts of Horticulture Inspectors/Supervisors are filled up on ex-cadre and worth of charge basis. Further, there is no uniformity in pay scales being operated on Zonal Railways. Staff Side is demanded cadre restructuring of this category at par with Technical Supervisors. Since, the recruitment qualification and AVC of Horticulture Group ‘C’ staff and Technical Supervisors is different and there is no direct recruitment in higher grade of Rs.6500-10500 (now Grade Pay Rs. 4600) in Horticulture wing, separate cadre restructuring of this category at par with Technical Supervisors is not feasible. However, fresh data of this category is being collected from Railways. On receipt of information from the Railways, matter will be examined separately.
(viii) Photographers Very small cadre. As per data collected in the year 2005, the cadre of Photographer is not available on CR, NER, ECR, NCR, SWR, DMW and only 1 post on DLW, ICF & RWF. On remaining Railways there is very few posts of this category. Therefore restructuring is not feasible.
(ix) Legal staff Single Grade Pay Rs.4600.
(x) Stenographers Being a common category in other Ministries/ Departments, cadre restructuring of this category is not feasible. However, this issue is being examined in consultation with DOP&T.
(xi) IT Cadre (SE/JE) Cadre restructuring of this category is being considered by EDs Committee as advised by Accounts Directorate.
(xii) Unit Purchase Cell Staff (Stores Department) Separate cadre of UPC staff is presently only on DLW & DMW. Both the PUs were directed vide Board’s letter PC-V/98/R-II/54 dated 26-10-2005 to merge this cell with the respective Ministerial cadre for granting benefit of percentage distribution and that of the pre-revised apex grade Rs. 7450-11500. These instructions were further reiterated vide Board’s letter dated 05-10-2006.
(xiii) Catering Inspectors/ Catering Staff. Cadre restructuring of Catering staff has been doen by E(NG)I branch vide Board’s letter dated 28-12-2010 & 03-10-2013.
(xiv) Canteen Staff Cadre restructuring of Canteen Staff (Group-II & Group-III) has already been done vide Annexure-‘G’ of Board’s letter dated 08-10-2013.
(xv) Accounts Staff Higher pay structure has been granted to Accounts Staff by 6thCPC. Further, last cadre restructuring of this category was done in the year 2006 wherein ratio between Supervisors & Staff was revised from 1:6 to 1:3 in General Accounts & from 1:9 to 1:6 in Traffic Accounts. Further, revision of ratio in General Accounts does not appear to be justified.