RBE No 47/2014


E(W) 2009/PS5-1/30

New Delhi, Dated 19.05.2014

The General Manager(P)
All Indian Railways &
Production Units

Sub: School Pass-permitting student wards of railway employees in Duronto Express Trains.

In terms of provisions contained in Schedule III of Railway Servants (Pass) Rules1 1986 (revised editlon-1993) eligible student son/daughter of railways employees are granted 3 full sets or 6 half sets of School Pass In a year. These Passes at present are not valid for journey In the Duronto Express Trains.

2. The Issue regarding making School Pass valid for Journey in Duronto Express Trains has been considered by Board and it has now been decided that School Pass issued eligible son/daughter of railway employees may be made valid for Journey on Duronto Express Trains, subject to Normal Duty Pass Quota. The condition of entitlement shall be the same as on privilege pass of railway employees.

3. An endorsement “Valid for journey In the entitled class of Duronto Express Trains”, shall be made on the School Pass by the Pass issuing authority

4. This Issues with the concurrence of Finance and Commercial Directorates of Ministry of Railways.

(Debasis Mazumdar)
Director Estt.(Welfare)
Railway Board

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