Finance Minister approved CBEC cadre review

Implementation of the Cadre Restructuring of the department has been approved by Hon’ble FM on 10.05.2014- Chairperson’s note regarding implementation of the Cadre restructuring

Greetings to the IC&CE family. It is my pleasure to inform you that implementation of the cadre restructuring of the department has been approved by the Hon’ble FM on 10.5.2014. Months of hard work and waiting have finally paid off. The cadre restructuring is late by 7 years, even so there is a cause for happiness as a large number of promotions in different grades can now take place.

However, we have no time to rest as the implementation of the CR requires focus and a lot of hard work.

It is in the interest of the department to have a committed and largely satisfied work force. Stagnation is one of the de-motivating factors in this regard. While CR resolves some of the issues leading to stagnation. it does not address some of the root causes of stagnation. For this we have to take other actions such as amending the RRs, raising the matter before the next Pay Commission etc. Addressing the root of the problem also takes clarity of mind, time, patience and persistence since other Ministries & agencies are involved. It also requires that we remain united at all times. We should be cautious that divisiOns & differences do not derail/side track the process of CR which is in the larger interest of the entire department. Just as a motivated work force is important, credibility of the higher bureaucracy in the department is also equally important and must not be undermined.

Promotions to Group B gazetted and lower posts are to be done by the CCA’s. I hope that ACRs/rosters and vigilance clearances etc. are up to date. I urge all officers, staff and associations of the department to be united and face the challenges of implementation with patience, persistence and a spirit of cooperation. I again thank all of you for your support in carrying through this important work.


(J.M.Shanti sundharam)