Draft Reply by Confederation on the questionnaire of 7th Central Pay Commission


1. Minimum to Maximum Ratio should be 1:9 instead of 1:10.

2. No comparison of Government Sector’s pay structure viz a viz with private sector should be made. 

3. With Public Sector comparison of salaries can be made.

4. No to performance based pay structure.

5. NPS & PFRDA must be scrapped to attract young talent. 

6. The Pay Band and Grade Pay Structure of 6th CPC did not serve the purpose and has given many unsolved anomalies. 

7. Grade Pay System must be replaced by conventional pay scales.

8. Two Dates of Increment i.e. Ist January and Ist July and rate of increment should be 5% instead of 3%.

9. There should be 5 MACPs and duration of period should be three years instead of 10 years.

10. New pension scheme which came into existence for the employees recruited after 1.1.2004 must be scrapped. The old statutory pension scheme as was in vogue prior to 1.1.2004 must be made applicable to all Government employees irrespective of the date of their entry into Government service.

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