Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Central Pension Accounting Office
Trikoot-II, Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi-110066

CPAO/Tech/Amdt. Sch. Book/2013-14/291

Office Memorandum

Sub:- Embargo for further allocation of business to Private Sector Bank and removal of state-wise jurisdiction from authorized banks for disbursement of Central Civil Pension.

In pursuance of CGA office letter No. S-11012/2/3(19)/Banks/RBD/2004/2077 dated 31.08.2013 read with Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure letter No. 7/10/2012-13 dated 13.09.2012 removal of state-wise jurisdiction from HDFC Bank for disbursement of civilpensioners introduced vide Correction Slip No. 21 to the Scheme for payment of pensions to Central Government Civil Pensioners by Authorised Banks is withdrawn with immediate effect. Accordingly status so as on 31.07.2013 should be maintained. A list of States as on 30.07.2013 in which the HDFC was authorized to disburse the civil pension is enclosed for ready reference.
In view of the above, all Pr. CCAs/CAs with independent charge are advised to issue necessary instructions to all their Pay and Accounts Offices and Head of offices under theirpayment control not to accept any of the paying branch of HDFC Bank Ltd. from any of the fresh retirees for disbursement of their pension. If any such case comes to the notice where the pensioner has opted the HDFC bank for his pension payment he may be advised to change his options to avoid unnecessary correspondence in this regard causing delay in starting the pension payment and consequent discomfort to him.
This is issued with the approval of Competent Authority.


(Vijay Singh)

Sr. Accounts Officer (Tech)

List of States (as on 30.07.2013) in which HDFC Bank was authorized to disburse the Civil Pensions.
1. Andhra Pradesh

2. Bihar

3. Chandigarh

4. Chhattisgarh

5. Goa

6. Gujarat

7. Haryana

8. Himachal Pradesh

9. Jharkhand

10. Karnataka

11. Kerala

12. Madhya Pradesh

13. Maharashtra

14. Orissa

15. Punjab

16. Rajasthan

17. Tamilnadu

18. Uttar Pradesh

19. West Bengal

20. Delhi

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