Every Government employee was waiting very eagerly for 27.02.2014. This was the day when everyone was waiting for their pockets to become heavier. Because cherish and joy of 6th Pay Commission has gone long time back and pockets of Government Employees have already dried up  with the burden of EMIs , Costlier Children Education and Increased Inflation etc etc. All these things have produced immense burden on the economic condition of gov employees. Announcement of 7th Pay Commission brought temporary smiles but that smile brought lots of expectations and expectations brought many “M” Factors in the lives of each and every Gov. Employees. Following are the “M” factors, which have increased lots of anxiety & concern amongst Gov. Employees these days:-

FIRST “M”:-  This “M” is infact a mother of all “M”s. This is “Merger of Dearness Allowance”. Everyone was hoping DA will be merged with Basic Pay. But this did not happen as yet. But this “M” is waiting for other “M”s to work for it. Let’s hope one of remaining “M”s may work for this “M” and fate for DA Merger is sealed.

SECOND “M”:- Life of this “M” is Short Lived. This “M” is our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.  I am not talking about the life of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. May he live long! I am talking about the life of his Government, which is there for very few days.

So our second “M” is Manmohan Singh. If this “M” does not take action in few days or rather in few hours, then effect of this “M” will be nullified and FIRST “M” has to rely on rest of the “M”s. Let’s hope this “M” works for First “M”.

headlines_02.03.2014THIRD “M”:- News Reports are saying that, Second “M” has already passed the buck to Third “M”. Third “M” factor for Gov Employees is Justice Mathur, Chairman of 7th Pay Commission. Now the news is that Justice Mathur our Third “M” may announce the merger of DA with Basic Pay. Let’s Hope this “M” works for First “M” and fate of DA Merger is sealed for all Gov Employees.

Fourth “M”:- If second and third “M”s fails to deliver then our hopes will rest on Fourth “M”. Every news channel and opinion polls are predicting NDA to form government at the centre after elections. If it happens then NaMo, Narendra Modi, will become our Fourth “M”. We hope that our Fourth M would work for us.

LAST M:-  If all of these “M” fails then there remains only one “M” that is “My Lord”. Who is our “Bhagwan”, “Allah”, “Jesus”, “Waheguru” everything. This “M” never fails, it will definitely work for us. This “M” can be used to work along with other “M” to make them stronger.

One last thing it is being said in political circle that a special cabinet meeting is being called today on 02.03.2014, to clear Anti-Corruption Ordinances. Let’s hope Second “M” works here for us and bring First “M” in the meeting. But cabinet meeting depends upon another “M” and that is “Mood of the President”. Sources say that if “Mood of the President” is to pass to ordinances then only this Cabinet Meeting will take place otherwise it would be all over.

In the Last, I would request to all Gov Employees, Don’t lose hope till our LAST M is with us.

Writer is a Retired Gov Employee