Gaffe and Fuax Pas on the merger of 50% Dearness Allowance with Basic Pay by various TV Channels and News Agency put every Central Government Employee in a fix on 27.02.2014. As soon as the Cabinet meeting ended in the morning, Some TV Channels and News Portals flashed the news of DA merger with Basic Pay. This rumour got more air through Social Media and gripped whole of India in few hours. Central Government Employees were seen congratulating each other.

But with the passage of Time news of merger of DA with Basic Pay started to vanquish from TV Channels and Web Portals. This created anxiety amongst staff of Government. Buzz went around in the evening that Government has passed the buck to Pay Commission and merger would be announced by Justice Mathur Chairman of 7th Pay Commission by late Evening.

Each and every Government Employee was glued to their TV sets or Smartphones. Lots of messages were being sent on What’s App. But it got clear in the evening that Government Employees would get only 10% hike in Dearness Allowance. Sunny and Cheerful Friday became Black Friday by the setting of Sun.

Sources close to say that Government has no extra funds for DA merger, Only way to merge the Dearness Allowance with basic pay is to get money by way of extending Retirement Age of Employees to 62 years. But lots of Cabinet Ministers objected on raising the retirement age, fearing losing out votes of Young Unemployed Indians. Government got scared on the backlash of young unemployed voters. Therefore it was decided to not to bring the issues of raising the Retirement age to 62 years and DA merger with basic pay during Cabinet Meeting.

To cover up the whole issue, it was planned to approve Terms of Reference of 7th pay Commission to make it active before elections. Now to get the votes of Central Government Employees Government may ask Panel of 7th CPC to release the Interim Relief for Central Government Employees before the code of conduct is implemented in the first week of March -2014.

In this way whole enthusiasms of Government Employees got buried under the rubbish of Vote Bank Politics. Let’s hope good sense prevails upon the Government and it releases first instalment of Interim Relief before the implementation of Code of Conduct.