Government Cheated 50 Lakhs Central Government Employees

Central Government has cheated 50 Lakhs Government Employees. For several days news of merger of 50% DA with Basic Pay was doing round the corner. First news came out that merger will be announced when Finance Minister would present vote on account in Parliament in Feb 2014. But nothing was announced during Vote on Account in Parliament. Then rumor went around headlines_28.02.2014that Merger of DA will be announced on 26.12.2014. But that day again passed without any announcement. Again News Papers and TV Channels aired the News that 50% DA will be merged with Basic Pay during last Cabinet Meeting of this Government to be held on 28.02.2014. Central Government Employees were Jubilant  that merger of DA on 28.02.2014 will bring some cheer in their dry pockets.

Today is 28.02.2014, Each and Every Central Government Employees was glued either to their TV Channels or on their Smart Phones to hear the News of Merger of DA with Basic Pay but Central Government only announced hike  of Dearness Allowance by 10 %. First the news of 50% merger of DA with Basic Pay flashed on some TV Channels but after few minutes TV channels withdrew the merger of 50 % DA with Basic.

Now the Government Employees will have to content with only 10% hike in DA where as all were expecting 10% Hike along with Merger of 50% DA.

govemployees.in is conforming from its sources that what actually has transpired in the Cabinet Meet that prevented the Government from announcing DA Merger. Till Then keep logging on to your website.