No 12016/1/2004-PoI.II
Government of India
Ministry of Urban Development
Directorate of Estates
Policy-II Section
Nirman Bhavan,
New Delhi – 110 108
Dated the 15th January, 2014

Sub : Review of guidelines for allotment of General Pool Residential Accommodation to the employees of State/Union Territory Governments posted in Delhi.

The guidelines for allotment of General Pool Residential Accommodation to the employees of State/Union Territory Governments posted in Delhi have been issued vide this Directorate OM of even number dated 23.5.2013.
2. The matter has been reviewed by the competent authority and it has now been decided that the allotment of general pool residential accommodation shall be made to the officers/employees of State/Union Territory Governments posted or whose presence is required in Delhi, other than in the offices of the Resident Commissioners of State/Union Territory Governments in Delhi, within the prescribed units of residential accommodation to State/Union Territory Governments on the recommendation of the Resident Commissioners of respective State/Union Territory Governments in Delhi.


Deputy Director of Estates

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