No. 12039/04/2011-PIIA
Government of India
Department of Personnel & Training
(Training Division)

Old JNU Campus, New Delhi- 110067
Dated 10th January 2014

Subject: Final Competency Dictionary for Civil Services

National Training policy (NTP) – 2012 stipulates that each Government Department/Ministry should classify all posts with a clear job description and competencies required in order to move from the current system of rule-based Personnel Administration to Competency-based system of Strategic Human Resource Management. The objective of moving towards a competency-based approach is to ensure that each job is performed by the person who has the required competencies for that job.
2. DOPT in collaboration with UNDP had prepared a draft Competency Dictionary for Civil Services and was posted on website of DOPT on 12/11/2013 inviting comments/suggestions.
3. After receiving the comments, Competency Dictionary for Civil Services has been finalised and is attached. The Competency Dictionary can be utilised by the Departments/Ministries/ Training Institutions for various human resource functions including capacity development of civil servants.

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