West Bengal Scheme for Compassionate Appointment, 2013

Government of West Bengal
Labour Department
No.2S1-Emp. Dated, Kolkata, the 3rd December, 2013


The Governor is pleased hereby to make the following scheme regulating the appointment on compassionate ground in supersession of all previous orders in this respect:
1) Short title and commencement –
This scheme may be called the West Bengal, Scheme for Compassionate Appointment, 2013 . This will come into force with effect from the date of issue.
2) Application –
This shall apply to a dependent family member of a Government employee who –
(a) dies while in service; or
(b) is disabled permanently or otherwise incapacitated rendering him unfit to continue in service prematurely on being declared permanently incapacitated by a Medical Board formed by the Government.
3) Definition-
“Dependent Family Member” means
(a) spouse; or
(b) son (including legally adopted son before death or incapacitation); or
(c) unmarried daughter (including legally adopted unmarried daughter before death or incapacitation); or
(d) married daughter who on date of death or incapacitation was unmarried; or
(e) brother or sister in case of death in harness of an unmarried employee provided his/her parent, all the brothers and sisters were fully dependent on him/her, – who was wholly dependent on the Government employee at the time of his death in harness or incapacitation, as the case may be, and is in need of immediate financial assistance at the time of making application and also at the time of consideration.

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