Requirement of Young Professionals in Ministry of Finance

Invitation of applications for appointment as Young Professional in the Department of Economic Affairs

The Department of Economic Affairs proposes to engage Young Professionals period of 2 years to provide high quality services or for attending to specific and time-bound jobs. Only persons with requisite qualification and experience as prescribed would be hired Young Professionals.
1. Requirement:

2 ( the actual vacancies may be higher)

2. Age limit:

Not exceeding 35 years

3. Qualifications:

Master’s degree in Economics/ Finance or MBA or LLB;

4. Tenure:
4.1 The maximum continuous tenure for Young Professionals will be two years. They will be appointed on full time basis and will not be permitted to take up any other assignment during the period of consultancy.
4.2 The appointment of Young Professionals is of a temporary nature and the appointment can be cancelled at any time by the Ministry without assigning any reason.
5. Outline of the Proposed Tasks:
a. Research on Cross country comparison of economic parameters; Report writing and analysis of reports by International Organizations. Study on SAARC Surveillance Mechanism, Study on integration of capital markets, etc; and
b. Preparation of portfolio performance sheet for ADB, World Bank and to analyze proposals received from IMF and prepare cost-benefit summaries;
c. Conduct research work on economic aspects of bilateral development assistance, provided to other countries through Govt. of India supported lines of credit and Work on policy exchange for bilateral aid and
d. Preparation of National Risk Assessment Report for Financial Action Task Force and Financial Sector Activities.
e. Report writing and analysis of proposals in infrastructure and infrastructure finance.
6. Entitlements/ conditions:
6.1. Allowances: 35000 per month (all inclusive)
6.1.1 Tax Deduction at Source:
The Income Tax or any other tax liable to be deducted, as per the prevailing rules will be deducted at source before effecting the payment, for which the Department will issue TDS Certificate/s. Service Tax, as applicable shall be payable extra, at the prevalent rates.
6.1.2 Other Allowances:
No TA/DA shall be admissible for joining the assignment or on its completion. No other facilities like DA, accommodation, residential phone, conveyance/ transport, foreign travel, personal staff, medical reimbursement etc. would be admissible to Young Professionals, Consultants and Senior Consultants.
6.2 Leave:
Young Professionals shall be eligible for 8 days’ leave in a calendar year on pro-rata basis. Therefore, a Young Professionals shall not draw any remuneration in case of his/her absence beyond 8 days in a year (calculated on a pro-rata basis). Also un-availed leave in a calendar year cannot be carried forward to next calendar year.
7. Confidentiality:
{A} The Young Professionals may not, except with the previous sanction of Department of Economic Affairs in the bonafide discharge of his/ her duties, publish a book or a compilation of articles or participate in a radio broadcast or contribute an article or write a letter to any newspaper or periodical, either in his/ her own name or anonymously or pseudonymous in the name of any other person, if such book, article, broadcast, uses any information that he may gather as part of this consultancy, without the prior approval of the DEA.
{B} During the period of assignment with Department of Economic Affairs, the Young Professionals would be subject to the provisions of the Indian Official Secret Act, 1923 and will not divulge any information gathered by him during the period of his/ her assignment to anyone who is not authorized to know/ have the same.
{C} The Young Professionals appointed by the Department, shall in no case represent or give opinion or advice to others in any matter which is adverse to the interest of the Department.
8. Right of Department of Economic Affairs:
DEA reserves the right to decide to cancel this advertisement, and not to proceed in the matter, at any stage accept or reject any or all offers, without giving any explanation, whatsoever.
9. Termination of Agreement:
The Department may terminate a contract to which these Terms apply if: The Young Professionals is unable to address the assigned works; Quality of the assigned works is not to the satisfaction of the Department. The Young Professionals fails in timely achievement of the milestones as finally decided by the Commission. The Young Professionals is found lacking in honesty and integrity. The Department reserves the right to terminate the contract, by giving fifteen days’ notice to the Young Professionals.
10. Submission of application:
The Application in the format given in Annexure-I, along with a forwarding letter, should reach Deputy Secretary (Admn.), D/o Economic Affairs, M/o Finance, Room No.- 238A, North Block, either through post or e mail, within 7 days from the date of notification on DEA’s website/ publication in the newspaper. Applications may be submitted through e mail to:


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