Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel and Training)

New Delhi 110001
Dated- 13 .12.2013


Subject:- Furnishing DPC proposats to the UPSC and preparation of approved select panels for promotion in a time bound manner as laid down in DoP&T’s Model Calendar for DPCs – Regarding.


The undersigned is directed to state that with a view to having the approved select panels for promotion ready in advance in a time-bound manner, this
Department has issued a Model Calendar for DPCs vide OM No.22011/9/98- Estt.(D) dated 8th September, 1998. An indicative pattern has been provided in the Model Calendar for various events involved in the pre/ post DPC related actions. All the Ministries/Departments have been impressed upon from time to time to by this Department to adhere to the prescribed time-line so as to ensure that the panel is ready in time and is utilised as and when the vacancies arise during the course of the vacancy year.
2. Inspite of above mechanism in place which is an effective tool to check delays in convening of the DPCs, it has been observed from the references received from various Ministries/departments that the DPCs are not being convened in time and are leading to avoidable litigations too, in certain cases, particularly from the employees who retire on superannuation by the time the DPCs are convened and the approved panels are ready. This affects the manpower planning and impedes the career progression of the employees.
3. One of the reasons for delays in convening DPCs, cited by concerned Ministries/ Departments is non-acceptance of their proposals by the Union Public
Service Commission (UPSC). It may be noted that UPSC has introduced Single Window System for accepting complete proposals. This system has resulted in substantive improvement in number of DPCs being held by UPSC. The average time taken for disposal of a case has also come down to 53 days as compared to 120 days taken earlier. The concerned administrative Ministries/ Departments are required to send their proposals to the UPSC complete in all respects. In terms of the extant instructions, while referring the DPC proposals to the UPSC, the Joint Secretary/ Additional Secretary concerned gives a certificate to the effect that the information and documents have been furnished in accordance with the prescribed checklists. Any lapses in full documentation need to be addressed properly and on priority by plugging the loopholes wherever required.
4. The objective of timely promotions of employees in various Ministries/Departments can be achieved only by strictly adhering to the Model Calendar and sending the DPC proposals to the UPSC, complete in all respect.
5. All the Ministries/Departments are again counselled to ensure compliance of instructions in order to achieve the desired objectives of timely convening of DPCs/preparation of approved select panels within the prescribed time frame.

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