Government of India has already set up 7th CPC. In this regard a meeting was held between staff side and official side to decide Terms of Reference of 7th CPC. Terms of Reference of 7th CPC will set up the base and direction for the 7th CPC. During this meeting staff side demanded to merge DA with basic pay as interim relief. hopes that Terms of Reference of 7th CPC are set in the favour of employees.

Minutes of the meeting held on 24.10.2013  to decide Terms of Reference of the 7th CPC


Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

North Block, New Delhi
19th November, 2013

Sub: Record Note of the meeting held on 24.10.2013 at 3.00 PM to discuss the possible Terms of Reference (ToR) for the 7th CPC with the representatives of the Staff Side of JCM

The undersigned is directed to forward herewith a copy of the Record Note of the meeting held with Staff Side on 24.10.2013 to discuss the possible Terms of Reference of the Seventh Central Pay Commission.

(Ashok Kumar)
Deputy Secretary (JCA)


N 0.16 /15/ 2012-JCA
Government of India
Miriistry of Personnel, PG & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

North Block, New Delhi
31th October, 2013

Shri Umraomal Purohit,
Secretary,. Staff Side,
National Council (JCM),
13-C, Ferozeshah Road,
New Delhi-110001
Kindly find enclosed a copy of the minutes of the meeting held with Staff Side on 24.10.2013 to discuss the possible Terms of Reference of the 7th Central Pay Commission. These may Idndly be perused for observations/comments if any, and thereafter the minutes may kindly be returned so that the same can . be finalised and circulated formally.

Yours faithfully,
(Ashok Kumar)
Deputy Secretary (JCA)

Minutes of the meeting held on 24.10.2013 at 3.00 PM to discuss the possible.  Terms of Reference of the 7th Central Pay Commission with the representatives of the Staff Side of JCM

 A meeting was’ held on ‘ 24.10.20i3 at 3.00-PM in Committee Room No 190, North Block under the chairmanship of Dr S K Sarkar, Secretary DOP&T to discuss the possible Terms of Reference (ToR) for the 7th Central Pay Commission, which is going to set up by the Government, with the representatives of the staff side of JCM. List of Participants to this meeting is at Annexure-I

At the outset, Secretary (P) welcomed the Staff side representatives and thanked them’ for attending this meeting on a short notice. He indicated that since this meeting has been convened to discuss the -possible Terms of Reference (ToR) for the 7th Central Pay Commission, he hoped that the discussions would remain so focussed.
Sh Umraomal Purohit, Secretary, Staff Side, in his opening remarks stated that it would have been preferable that there was a proposal from the official side on this issue to the Staff Side and then the same could have been discussed further in a meeting where the Finance Secretary could also be invited. He then pointed out that the new concept of Pay Bands and Grade Pay structure as per the 6th CPC, which changed the pay structure in Government, had resulted in a new experience which was mixed.
He stated that though the 6th CPC did not recommend merger of ‘DA with Pay, they could not have anticipated such a high rate of inflation which resulted in such . high rate of DA; the rate of Dearness Allowance presently was 90% and due to high inflation there was a need to consider merger of a part of DA with Pay. He also raised the question of Interim Relief pending finalisation of CPC recommendations.
M.Raghavaiah, while thanking the Chairman raised the issue of anomalous situations which had arisen due to the new concept of Pay Bands and Grade Pay structure as per the 6th CPC. He suggested that the Finance Ministry should look into this aspect as . to how anomalies cropped up due to this and how these can be avoided in future. He was also of the view that the anomalies cases which stand referred to the Ministry of Finance need to be cleared.
He also referred to anomalies relating to MACP scheme vis a vis ACP scheme and resolution pending thereon. He also demanded that there should be merger of DA with Pay as was agreed to in 2004·
The other representatives from Staff Side raised the following Issues
1) Entry level pay to promotee employees at par with that admissible to Direct Recruits as was agreed in the National Anomaly Committee;
2) One of the ToR should be to set up a special bilateral mechanism to sort out anomalies arising out of Pay Commission recommendations;
3) Professional approach should be adopted in dealing with peculiarities concernIng Railways and Defence civilian employees;
4) There should be parity between pre & Post CPC retirees for the purpose of pension etc.;
5) Cadre review/restructuring proposals should be delinked from the 7th CPC so that these are not delayed;
6) Wage Revision should be ‘effective after every 5 years as in the case of PSUs;
7) If there is going to be separate CPC for the Armed Forces as had been reported in media, then there should be a representative of Labour in the 7th CPC;
8) CPC should not go by “Central Secretariat” structure to make its recommendations which does not take into account specific complexities in large Government organisations like Railways, Postal Department and Defence establishments.
9) Allowances should be enhanced , concurrently with the pay consequent upon Pay commission implementation.
In his concluding remarks, the Chairman thanked the participants for their views and requested the Staff Side that they may send their suggestions in writing also.


List of Participants in the Meeting held on 24th October, 2013 at 3.00 PM in Room No. 190, North Block, New Delhi.
CHAIRPERSON-Dr S K Sarkar, Secretary (Personnel)
OFFICIAL SIDE                                                                                                     STAFF SIDE
1. Mamta Kundra JS (E), DoPT                                                                 Umraomal Purohit ·
2. Ashok Kumar, DS (JCA), DoPT                                                               M.Raghavaiah
3. Sanjiv Shankar, Director(Estt.II), DoPT                                             Shiva Gopal Mishra
4. Mukesh Chaturvedi, DS(Pay), DoPT                                                       Rakhal Das Gupta

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