Due to Anomalies and disadvantageous provisions of MACP and discontentment amongst staff of CPWD, Secretary Ministry of Urban Development has written DO to Secretary Personnel (DOPT) to provide Option to opt between earlier ACP or MACP for the staff to make these schemes more beneficial.

Sudhir Krishna,

Secretary to the Government of India
Ministry of Urban Development
D.O. No. 55/4/2-13-S&D

Dear Sayamal,
Issue of redressal of anomalous and disadvantageous provisions of MACPS for the Subordinate Engineering cadre and similarly placed cadres of CPWD has been taken up with DoPT through several proposals since Me very inception of the scheme but none of the proposals has found favour. This has resulted in great discontent to the Subordinate Engineering cadre of CPWD.

Above issue was also discussed with you informally on 1.8.2013. It was apprised that individual option to choose either earlier ACPS or MACPS by the employee is the only solution to cater to the concerns of all individuals. A proposal of this Ministry in this regard under consideration in DoPT.

As the matter concerns above 6000 subordinate Engineers of CPWD, I would request that they may be allowed to exercise their individual option to choose either earlier ACPS or MACPS. This will not only alleviate the discontent in the cadre but also avoid cropping up of the court cases.

With regards
Yours sincerely
(Sudhir Krishna)

Dr. Syamal Kumar Sarkar

Department of Personnel & Training
M/o Personnel Public Grievances and Pensions
North Block.
New Delhi