Indian Police Service (Pay) Third Amendment Rules, 2013.


New Delhi, the 24th September, 2013

G.S.R. 654(E).—In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of Section 3 of the All India Services Act, 1951 (61 of 1951), the Central Government, in consultation with the Government of Kerala hereby makes the following rules further to amend the Indian Police Service (Pay) Rules. 2007. namely . –
1. (i) These rules may be called the Indian Police Service (Pay) Third Amendment Rules, 2013.
(ii) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the official Gazette.
In the Indian Police Service (Pay) Rules, 2007: –
“(b) In “Schedule II-B posts carrying pay in the Senior Scale of the Indian Police Service under the State Governments”, (including posts carrying Special Pay in addition to pay in time scale) in the table, for the entry ‘Kerala’ occurring in the first column and corresponding entries in the second column, the following shall be substituted namely:
Superintendent of Police, Kozhikode
Superintendent of Police, Thrissur
Superintendent of Police, Ernskulam
Superintendent of Police, Kollam
Superintendent of Police, Thiruvananthapuram
By Superintendent of Police, Kozhikode (Rural) 18 THE GAZETTE OF INDIA : EXTRAORDINARY 4
[PART II-5K. 30)1
Superintendent of Police, Thrissur (Rural)
Superintendent of Police, Ernakulam (Rural)
Superintendent of Police, holism (Rural)
Superintendent of Police, 1
[No.1105213/2013-AIS-II (B)]
MANOJ KUMAR DWIVEDI, Director (Services)
Note : The Principal Rules were published in the Gazette vide GSR No.108 E dated 21.02.2008 and subsequently were amended vide the following GSR No.692 E Dated 27.09.2008, GSR No.589 E dated 20.09.2009, GSR No. 172 E dated 03.03.2010, GSR Not 228 E, 230 E, 232 E, 234 E, 236 E, 238 E, 240 E, 242 E, 244 E, 246 E, 248 E, 250 E, 252 E dated 30.03.2010, GSR No. 299 E dated 08.04.2010, GSR No. 510 E dated 16.06.2010, GSR No.512 E dated 16.06.2010, GSR No.514 E dated 18.06.2010, GSR No. 516 E dated 16.06.2010, GSR No.516(E) dated 16.06.2010, GSR No.620(E) dated 23.07.2010, GSR No.622(E) dated 23.07.2010, GSR No.624(E) dated 23.07.2010, GSR No. 626(E) dated 23.10.2010, GSR No.628(E) dated 23.10.2010, GSR No.725(E) dated 01.09.2010, GSR No.29(E) dated 17.01.2011, GSR No.204(E) dated 08.03.2011, GSR No.320(E) dated 13.04.2011, GSR No.763(E) dated 18.10.2011 and GSR No.500(E) dated 20.06.2012

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