Upgradation of Cities for the purpose of HRA & Transport Allowance

No. 9(10)12012-E-II(B)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

New Delhi-. October. 2013

The Secretary General, (Shri M. Krishnan)
Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers.
151 Floor. North Avenue PO Building,
New Delhi-110001

Subject:- Upgradation of cities on the basis of latest figure of 2011 exhibited in the website for the purpose of grant of HRA/Transport Allowance — regarding.

I am directed to refer to your letter Ref: No.Confdn./GENL/2013 dated 26.09.2013, received through Deptt. of Pers. & Trg., on the above mentioned subject and to say that the final report of the Census-2011 has not yet been released by the Office of Registrar General & Census Commissioner of India. As such. action for revision of classification of cities/towns can only be initiated on receipt of the final population figures of the Census-2011.

Yours faithfully.
(Inder Jeet Tanwar) 
Section Officer

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