DOPT’s orders on Hota Committee’s Recommendations-Para 36(a) of the committee’s report to designate CDIs in CVC in numerical/alphabetical order.

372/3/2007-AVD-III (Vol. 10)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

North Block, New Delhi
Dated: 14th October, 2013

Office Memorandum

Subject: Recommendations of the Committee of Experts on Disciplinary & Vigilance Inquiries (Hota Committee) – Para 36(a) of the Committee’s Report to designate CDIs in CVC in numerical/alphabetical order – Government’s decision thereon – reg .


The undersigned is directed to say that the Government had appointed a Committee of Experts to review the procedure for Disciplinary vigilance Inquiries and recommend measures for their expeditious disposal. The Committee comprised
the following:
(i) Shri P.C. Hota, Former Chairman, LIPSC Chairman
(ii) Shri Arvind Varma, Former Secretary, DoPT Member
(iii) Shri P. Shan’car, former CVC Member.
2. The Expert Conunittee has, in para 36(a) of its Report, recommended that “it would be expedient to designate CDIs under the CVC in a numerical or alphabetical manner, viz., CDI-I, CDI-II or CDI-A, CDI-B and so on. Under such an arrangement, Departmental Inquiries could be entrusted to CDI-I or CDI-II with the stipulation that CDI-II will take over if CDI-I is no longer available to conduct the Inquiry due to his transfer or other reasons. If such an innovative practice is introduced in the order of appointment of CDIs as Inquiry Officer in a particular Inquiry, there would be no need for fresh order of the Disciplinary Authority for appointment of the successor CDI as the Inquiry Officer in the same Inquiry.”.
3. The aforesaid recommendation of the Hota Committee was considered by a Cotnmittee of Secretaries (CoS) under the chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary. The CoS, in this context, took note of the CVC’s view that since there are only 4-5 CDIs available in CVC and their primary role is to give vigilance advice and hence it may not be possible to designate them as IO automatically. The CoS also took note of the fact that even after a CDI is designated as TO for a case, the Ministry/Department concerned takes a lot of time in issuing orders appointing the IO. Considering the above facts, the CoS has recommended that whenever a particular CDI in CVC becomes unavailable to conduct an inquiry on account of transfer, etc., CVC shall nominate an TO within 15 days and disciplinary authorities shall issue orders appointing the IO, within another 15 days. The above recommendation of the CoS a – has been considered by the Government and the Govemment has taken the following decision:-
Whenever a particular CDI in CVC becomes unavailable to conduct an inquiry on account of transfer, etc., CVC shall nominate an 10 in his/her
place within 15 days and the concerned disciplinary authority shall issue orders appointing the 10, within another 15 days. However, CVC may also designate CDIs in numerical/alphabetical order. If a successor CDI is not appointed within 15 days as prescribed, the case will be automatically assigned to the next CDI in numerical/alphabetical order on the 16th day.
4. The above decision of the Government is brought to the notice of Central Vigilance Conunission and all Ministries/Departments for strict compliance.

(V.M. Rathnam)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India
Tel: 23094637

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