No. 12037/40/2013-FTC
Government of India
Department of Personnel and Training
Training Division

Dated the 25th September, 2013

1. The Chief Secretaries of all the State Governments/ UTs.
2. The Secretaries of alJ the Ministries/Departments of Government of India.
The Training Division, Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India shall be sponsoring the names of suitable officers for undergoing long/short-term training abroad in various selected universities/institutes for the Financial Year 2014-15 under the Domestic Funding of Foreign Training (DFFT) Scheme.
2. Through this circular, applications/nominations are invited for the long-term.and short-term programmes to be conducted during Financial Year 2014-15 (April 2014 to March 2015) which are listed at Annexure A. (These programmes are tentative and may be subject to change).
3. The Terms and Conditions along with the eligibility criteria for applying/nominating officers for these programmes are indicated below:
(a) Eligible Services:
The officers belonging to the Indian Administrative Service, Central Secretariat Service, State Civil Services, Central Secretariat Stenographers Service (Gazetted) (CSSS) and such officers of the other two All India Services, viz., Indian Police Service and Indian Forest Service and other organized Group ‘A’ Central Civil Services, who are holding posts on deputation under the Central Staffing Scheme, are eligible to apply in response to this circular for training programmes abroad.
(b) Minimum Service:
Eligible AIS and Group A Officers who have completed 9 years of service as on 1.7.2014 (i.e. upto 2005 batch), SCS officers who have completed 9 years of service as Deputy Collectors and CSS officers who have completed 5 years service as Under Secretaries would be eligible for foreign training under the DFFT Scheme. However, for long-term programmes, IAS officers who have completed 7 years of service as on 1.7.2014 (i.e. upto 2007 batch) will also be eligible.

(c) Upper age limit:
The upper age limit for long term and short-term training programmes will be 45 years and 52 years respectively as on 30.9.2014. However, there is no age limit for the short-term programmes at Harvard University, Cambridge University and ANZSOG for officers of Joint Secretary/ Additional Secretary/Secretary level. However, the officers applying for these programmes should have minimum 1 (one) year of service left for superannuation.
(d) Selection criteria:
The eligible officers will be short-listed by applying weightage criteria which includes parameters such as foreign training deficit, seniority, SC/ST/WomenINE/J&K, priority for being close to age bar and ACR grading (for short-term training programmes) and seniority, SC/ST/Women/NE/.1&K and ACR grading (for long-term training programmes). The final selection list of officers’ will be arrived at on the basis of weightage criteria and preference of programmes indicated by the officers.
(c) Cooling-off condition:
(i) After attending a foreign trauung programme of upto one month, officers’ will be required to complete a cooling-off period of one year before they can be considered again for another training programme. To illustrate, an officer who completes ‘a shortterm programme of upto one month in 2013-14, would be eligible for another short-term programme under the DFFT Scheme only in 2015-16.
(ii) After attending a foreign training programme of more than one month and upto six months, officers will be required to complete a cooling-off period of three years .before they can be considered again for another training programme.
(iii) After attending a foreign training programme of more than six months, officers would be required to complete a cooling-off period’ of five years before they can be considered again for another training programme.
(iv) Job Specific ;-Project related training/official visits abroad, irrespective of duration, are exempted from the provisions of cooling off.
(v) The foreign component of any compulsory mid-career training programme undergone by the officer will not be counted for the purpose of’ cooling off.
(vi) The condition of cooling-off after a short-term programme (upto six months) will be applicable only for short-term programmes.
(vii) An officer is eligible for only one long-term programme in his/her career.
(viii) Officers who have undergone a long-term training programme (more than 6 months’ duration) or a long-term domestic programme, viz., IIMA, IIMB, MDI, TERI, NDC, APPP A, etc. shall not be eligible for any long term programme.
(ix) In case of officers who have undergone a long-term domestic programme at IIMB, IIMA, TERI, MDl, NDC, etc. which includes foreign training component, cooling-off period will depend on. the length of the foreign training component of such domestic programmes.

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