No.7/5/2010-C5.11 (5)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Publlc Grievances and Pension
Department of Personnel and Training


3rd,d Floor, lok Nayak Shavan,
New Delhi-110003
Dated 26th September, 2013

Subject: Upper Division Grade limited Departmental Competitive Examination, 2011- Nomination of qualified candidates for appointment to Upper Division Grade in CSCS against the Select List 2010 – reg.
The undersigned is directed to say that-according to Rule 11(1) of the Central Secretariat Clerical Service Rules, 1962, as amended by this Department’s Notification No. 12/3/93-CS.11 dated 22.11.1995, vacancies in the Upper Division Grade of the service in any cadre have to be fllled by the regular appointments of persons included in the Select List for the Upper Division Grade in that cadre. The said Select list is to be prepared in accordance with the provision envisaged in Regulation 2 (1) of the Third Schedule to the said Rules. According to that Regulation as amended by this Department’s Notification No.7/31/73-CS.11 dated 4.2.1976,25% of the vacancies are to be filled up on the basis of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) and 75% on the basis of seniority in the Lower Division Grade.
2. The Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for inclusion of officers in the Select List, 2010 for appointment to Upper Division Grade was held by the Staff Selection Commission on 21.11.2010 and the results of the said examination were declared by the Commission. On the basis of the above examination the Staff Selection Commission has recommended 51 (47 UR, 3 SC, 1 ST) candidates for appointment as “UDC in the Central Secretariat Clerical Service against the Select list year 2010.
3. It has been, therefore, decided to allocate 51 (Flfty One) (includes 47 UR, 3 SC, 1 ST) qualified candidates to various Cadres of Central Secretariat Clerical Service as indicated in the Annexure to this Office Memorandum. The dossiers of the candidates as received from the SSC are sent herewith and these should be retained after their appointment as part of their personal files. It is requested that before these candidates are appointed, particulars of their service, caste etc., may please be checked from the original entries in their Service 6001<s. It may please be ensured that the officer is clear
from vigilance angle.
4. Since the qualified candidates whose names are given in the Annexure to this a.M. are eligible for inclusion in the Select List year of 2010 of Upper Division Grade, it is requested that immediate action may please be taken to appoint them to the post of Upper Division Clerk in those cadres to which they have been allocated. It may please be ensured that the candidates nominated from the aforesaid examination are interpolated with persons when included in the Select List through seniority quota in the “ratio of 3:1(SQ: DE) as prescribed under the CSCS Rules, 1962 .
5. Copies of appointment orders may please be endorsed to this Department and the sse. If any candidate is not appointed to Upper Division Grade due to any reason his/her dossier may please be returned to the Staff Selection Commission directly under intimation to this Department after cancelling his/her offer of appointment and keeping all correspondence made with regard to his/her appointment including cancellation letter in the dossier.
_6. In case any of the nominated candidates has been appointed as regular UDC in the CSCS on the basis of an earlier Limited Departmental Exam for the Grade, the Cadre authorities are requested to furnish their names immediately to this Department latest by 15.10.2013.
7. Staff Selection Commission has assigned Rank Numbers to qualified candidates of UD Grade LDCE, 2010 as SL/CSCS/001 to SLjCSCS/51. Accordingly, Cadres are requested to assign these numbers While preparing seniority list of UDC.
8. Receipt of this OM together with its enclosures may kindly be acknowledged.
9. The nomination of the above candidates against the Select List year 2010 of UDCs is subject to the outcome of the Writ Petition No. 209/2013 filed by Shri Ravinder Kumar Jha & Ors before the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi or any other similar cases filed in any of the Courts.

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