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Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel &Training

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Dated the 23rd September, 2013


Subject: Select List for the year 2011 of the Officers of the Central Secretariat Service (CSS) for appointment to Grade-I (Under Secretary) of the Service.
Approval of the competent authority is hereby conveyed for inclusion of officers in the Select Lists of Grade-I of CSS i.e. Under Secretary for the year 2011 as per Annexure-I to this O.M. The Select List has been prepared in consultation with Union Public Service Commission in terms of CSS Rules, 2009 read with CSS (Promotion to Senior Selection Grade, Selection Grade and Grade-I) Regulations, 2010 and other instructions on the subject.
2. The vacancies against which the officers have been included in the Select List relate to the period from 1.7.2011 to 30.06.2012. The Seniority of the officers included in the aforesaid Select List, will be in the same order in which their names have been arranged, irrespective of actual dates of their appointment to the Grade-I.
3. The DPC convened by the UPSC recommended 371 officers for inclusion in the Select List of US for the year 2011:

 Break-up of the inclusion category-wise                                              Total inclusion                          Shortfall, if any

UR                               SC                               ST
251*                           98                               22                                                              371                                                     0
* Including 17 SC and 1 ST category officers adjusted against Unreserved points as on own merit.
4. DPC has also recommended an extended panel of 18 officers (UR-14, SC-4 and ST-0) in lieu of those officers who have been included and retired within the same Select List year 2011 and officers who are still on deputation etc., in terms of this Department’s O.M. No.22011/8/87-Estt.(D) dated 09.04.1996.-2_-
5. In terms of CSS Regulations, 2010, an eligible officer for consideration for inclusion in Select List means any officer who has undergone and successfully completed such mandatory training programme as may be prescribed under Cadre Training Plan (CTP) of DoPT. In terms of CSS (CTP), successful completion of Level DTraining under the Cadre Training Plan is necessary for consideration for inclusion into USSL.
6. Out of the total of 389 officers recommended by the UPSC (including extended panel) for inclusion in USSL 2011, as perinformation available with this Department, 84 officers have not successfully undergone / completed the mandatory level Dtraining. Excluding those officers who have already retired and within two years of superannuation who are not nominated for the training, the remaining number of officers is 52 (Annexure-ll). These 52 officers will be considered for inclusion in USSL only on their successful completion of mandatory training. Accordingly, approval has been accorded by the competent authority for inclusion of 337 officers only as per Annexure-I to this OM.
7. Ministries/Departments, where the officers are currently posted as Under Secretary on adhoc basis or presently on long leave, are requested to notify the appointment ofthese officers as perAnnexure-I to this O.M. to the Grade of Under Secretary on regular basis from the date of issue of this O.M.
8. However, notification for regular promotion should be issued subject to the following conditions:
(i) the officer concerned is clear from vigilance angle in terms of this Department’s O.M. No.22034/4/2012-Estt.(D) dated 2.11.2012 and other relevant instructions on the subject;
(ii) Successful completion ofLevel ‘D’Training ofthe officer may again be got verified;
(iii) If an officer is undergoing penalty notification should not be issued for regular promotion and in such cases notification should be issued only after the currency of the penalty is over in terms of DoPT’s O.M. No.22034/5/2004-Estt.(D) dated 15.12.2004. Such cases should also be informed to this Department.
9. Copy of notifications should invariably be endorsed to this Department for record. If any of the officers cannot be appointed to the Grade-I of CSS covered in the Select List 2011 as per Annexure-I to this OM, the same may be brought to the notice of this Department together with reasons.
10. Orders for allocation of Ministries/ Departments in respect of Officers included in the above Select Lists and still holding the post of Section Officer will be issued subsequently.
11. The officers, who were in service on crucial dates but had retired as Section Officersubsequently on superannuation or otherwise, have also been considered for inclusion of their names in the aforesaid Select List ofGrade-I of CSS in pursuance of this Department’s OM No. 22011/4/98-Estt(D) dated 12th October, 1998 to identify the correct zone of consideration for the relevant Select List. However, their appointment need not be notified as retired persons would not be available to avail themselves of the actual promotion from a prospective date.

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