Sub: Re-classification of places and revision of the rate of House Rent Allowance in respect of State Government employees -reg.


I. GO. No. FD 7 SRP 2012, dated: 21.04.2012 
2. G.O. No. FD 18 SRP 2012, dated: 19.10.2012 
3. G.O. No. FD 9 SRP 2013, dated: 18.03.2013 
4. G.O. No. FD 5 SRP 2013, dated: 10.05.2013


On the basis of the recommendations of the Official Pay Committee-2011, the Cities/Towns, and Other Places in the State were classified into four classes for the purpose of House Rent Allowance with reference to their population based on 2001 Census figures vide G.O. dated: 21.04.2012 read at (1) above. The list of places falling under each of the four classifications was published in the Annexure appended to G.O. dated: 19.10.2012 read at (2) above.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister in the Budget Speech 2013-14 has announced the Government’s decision to re-classify the Urban and Rural areas in the State as A, B & C categories for the purpose of House Rent Allowance and to revise the rate of House Rent Allowance. Accordingly, the following orders are issued.

BANGALORE, DATED: 02.09.2013

In partial modification of the G.O. No. FD 18 SRP 2012 dated: 19.10.2012,

Places in the State for the purpose of HRA into three categories as under and the revised rates of HRA shall be as indicated against them.

Population Classification Rate of HRA

as of basic


25 lakh and above A 30%
5 lakh and above but less than 25 lak_h B 20%
Less than 5 lakh C 10%

2. The details of the places falling under each of the above three classifications are as under:-

“A” Class City

Bruhath Bangalore Mahanagara Palike
(Places situated within the BBMP limits as notified in Notification No, UDD 92
MNY 2006, dated: 16.01.2007)

“B” Class Cities

Mysore Municipal Corporationli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation

“C” Class Cities

All other places with a population of less than 5 lakh

3. The classification of Cities/Towns and Other Places in the State shall continue to be on the basis of 2001 Census figures until further orders.

4.All other conditions stipulated in G.O. No. FD 18 SRP 2012 dated 19.10.2012 for grant of house rent allowance shall continue to apply.

These orders shall come into effect from 1st October 2013

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