No. 24012/21/2013-Estt(B)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel and Training)

New Delhi, 30th August, 2013

Subject: DoPT Internship Scheme, 2013

Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India has decided to initiate an Internship Scheme from in September 2013. This Scheme seeks to engage Indian Nationals, who are Graduate /Post Graduate or Research Students enrolled in reputed University/Institution within India or abroad and preferably specializing in HR and associated subjects in Public Policy and Public Administration, as “Interns”. These “interns” shall be attached within the Department and would be expected to supplement the process of analysis within the Department through desirable empirical collection and collation of in-house and other information. For the “Interns” the exposure to the functioning of the Indian Government may be an add-on in furthering their own career goals in the NPO Sector or International Organizations.
2. Through this circular, applications are invited for up to ten slots of “interns” within the Department of Personnel and Training for the Financial Year 2013-14.
3. The Terms and Conditions along with the eligibility criteria for the applicants to the Scheme are as under:
3. The Scheme
3.1Name of the Scheme: The DoPT Internship Scheme, 2013
3.2 The Scheme: To allow short term attachment of “eligible persons” with the different Wings of the Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India as ‘Interns’ on the basis of an online application system and sorted on defined “eligibility” and “suitability” criteria by a “Screening Committee” constituted for the purpose by Secretary, DoPT.
3.3 Objectives of the Scheme: The Scheme has the following stated objectives:
a. To allow young academic talent to be associated with the Departmental work for mutual benefit.
b. The “Interns” may benefit by getting an exposure to the Government functioning and the Policy issues in Human Resource Management in Government of India and contribute to the Policy formulation by generating policy inputs such as empirical analysis, briefing reports, policy papers etc.
c. Department may benefit from the additional resources in the form of young talents and their outputs which will add to its policy formulation base.
3.4 Eligible Persons: Following persons are eligible to apply for the scheme:
a. The applicant should be a citizen of India.
b. The applicant should be a Graduate /Post Graduate or Research Student enrolled in reputed University/ Institution within India or abroad and preferably specializing in HR and associated subjects in Public Policy.
3.5 Duration of Internship: The period of Internship shall be for a minimum period of 2 months but shall not exceed six months in individual cases.
3.6 No. of Interns: A maximum of ten Interns may be hired at any given time by the Department on a token remuneration basis. Department may also hire equal number of unpaid interns especially during the summer vacation months of the Universities when the supply side may be very strong if it may be justified on the basis of value of such
engagement for the department.
3.7 Remuneration for the Interns: Interns may be given a stipend of Rs. 10,000 p.m necessary to meet the conveyance and other daily needs of the Interns. It is neither a job nor a promise for job in the future.
3.8 Application and Selection: DoPT shall develop an online application and sorting of  candidates on Objective Eligibility criteria. Application may be made online at all times. In case of vacancy arising during a particular month all the available on-line applications till the last day of the month during which the vacancy(s) arise(s) shall be considered and sorted on the basis of the eligibility criteria which shall be fixed at the beginning of each Financial Year. NIC shall in consultation with the Department generate the eligibility list by 10 th of the following month in which vacancy(s) arise. The final selection shall be made by a Standing Committee constituted for the purpose by the Secretary, DoPT by 15th of the Month. All necessary administrative and financial approvals shall be obtained by the administrative section of the DoPT and issue communication to the selected interns to join within seven days.
3.9 Logistics and Support: Interns will be required to have their own laptops. Department shall provide them working space, internet facility and other necessities as deemed fit by the Wing heads.
3.10 Expected Outcomes: The Interns shall prepare the outline of the expected outcome in discussion with the Director and the Joint Secretary and submit to the Wing the project plan along with the time lines. The first month stipend shall be released subject to this submission. After completion, the Intern shall submit the project both in a hard copy and a soft copy to the concerned Joint Secretary of the Wing. Where it may be desirable to have a wider consultation on the report the same may be presented in the SOM or a meeting organized for the purpose. A Certificate shall be given by the Department to the Interns after they have completed their tenure and submitted their project Report. The project Reports shall be placed on the DoPT website as well.

3.11 Responsibility of the Wing Heads: The Interns shall be attached to Division heads who shall ensure timely initiation of the work plan and final submission of the Project Report. Important issues arising out of such issues and policy suggestions based on it may be presented to the Secretary(P) on a quarterly basis.
3.12.Annual Report: The Administration wing may compile an annual Report on the Projects completed during the year and policy suggestions emanating from it.
3.13 Scheme Review: The Scheme in its present form is proposed for two years. A Review of the Scheme may be undertaken after one year and necessary changes may be made.
NB: . As the development of a suitable software by the N/C (as indicated above) may take some time to be in place, the Competent Authority has allowed relaxation for one year from the “online application process” (as envisaged in the Scheme) and start the scheme through applications in hard copy which shall be placed on the departmental website for easy access to the prospective applicants.
4. While the application and selection process shall be as per Para 3.8 above, the first set of applications received up to 15th of September, 2013 shall be considered for selection by the “Screening Committee”.
5. For the Financial Year 2013-14 applications in the enclosed Performa may be sent by the interested candidates by post or by hand to Director, Administration, DoPT; Room No.5A ,North Block, New Delhi.

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