Preparation of Select List for the year 2012 of Grade I (Under Secretary) of the CSS – Non receipt of information – regarding.

Reminder No. V

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)

Lok Nayak Bhavan. Khan Market
New Delhi-11 0003
Dated the 26th August 2013


Subject Preparation of Select List for the year 2012 of Grade I (Under Secretary) of the CSS – Non receipt of information regarding
The undersigned is to refer to this Department’s OM of even number dated 12 03 2013 and subsequent reminders dated 18th April 2013. 2ill May 2013 28th June 2013 and ill August 2013 on the subject mentioned above (uploaded on web~ site > DoPT -, Central Secretariat > CSS ,Promotions , Promotion (Regular) . > SO to US), and to say that the requIsite Information In respect of few officers likely to be covered in the zone of consideration for USSL-2017 has not yet been received from the Ministries/Departments concerned (as per Anncxure to this 0 M ).
2 This Department IS not in a position to finalize the DPC proposal for USSL· 2012 only on account of non-receipt of requisite Information In respect of few
officers as mentioned In the Annexure Mlnistries/ Departments concern cadre therefore once again requested to furnish the requisite information without any further delay (as per Proforma – I & II)
3 In respect of three officers only part ACR dossier has been sent and In respect another (Shrl P V Prasad, % Commerce) only one ACR has been furnished Minlstrles/ Departments concerned are once again advised to furnish the complete ACR dossiers urgently and in any case not later than 592013 In respect of retired officers also the Mlnlstrles/ Departments should furnish the complete details alongwith ACR dossiers as these officers are in the zone of conSideration and they are to be considered for inclUSion in the Select List in terms of DPC guidelines
4 Officers concerned are also in their own interest advised to pursue with their Administration DivIsion and ensure that information in respect of them IS sent to this Department complete in all respects without any further delay. They should also note that for want of information in respect of few officers regulal- promotion of more than two hundred officers are held up.
5 Ministries/Departments are also requested to update the Vigilance status of the officers concerned In the Web Based Cadre Management system Further. They are also advised to verify the information In the Web Based Cadre Management system In respect of the officers in the zone of consideration for USSL-2012 and bring any discrepancy to the notice of this Department for correction
6 A copy of this OM may be served on the officers concerned for their Information

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