No.2I1I2013-CS-II (A)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training

Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi-llO003
Dated the 16th July 2013


Subject:- Appointment in the grade of Sr. PPS ofCSSS for theSe1ect List Year 2013.
The undersigned is directed to forward herewith, a panel for the Select List Year 2013 (as Annexure to this O.M.) prepared in accordance with the relevant recruitment rrues for appointment to Senior Principal Private Secretary grade of CSSS.
2. The officers nominated to other cadre units may be relieved immediately to enable them to avail of the regular promotion as Sr. PPS. The regular promotion of these officers will take effect from the date of their joining in the Ministry/Department where they have been nominated. The concerned cadre units of CSSS are requested to notifY the appointment of the officers working under them to the Sr. PPS grade provided they are clear from vigilance angle and no disciplinary proceedings are either pending or being contemplated against them. The order of seniority of these officers in the grade of Senior Principal Private Secretary of Central Secretariat Stenographers’ Service will follow the serial order given in the enclosed list, irrespective of actual dates of appointment.
3. In accordance with the Cadre Training Plan for Central Secretariat Stenographers’ Service personnel successful completion of Level-IV training programme of 3 weeks’ at ISTM is essential for promotion to the Sr.PPS grade. Some of the officers having more than 2 years of service left for superannuation have not attended Level-IV training programme. Such Officers would be nominated to Level-IV Training programme shortly and their promotion to the Sr.PPS grade would be subject to their successful completion of Level-IV training programme within 1 year of their promotion.
4. A copy of the notification issued in this regard may be endorsed to this Department and Union Public Service Commission.

(Vandana Sharma)
Director (CS-II)

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