Implementation of the approved Restructuring of the Income Tax Department

Directorate of Income Tax
(Human Resource Development)
Central Board of Direct Taxes
Department of Revenue
Government of India

D.O.F.No. HRD/CM/102/3/2009-10/(Pt)/1102
Dated 2nd July 2013

C.R.I-13/1(Core Comm.): Corr No,2


Sub : Implementation of the approved Restructuring of the Income Tax Department

1. On 23.05.2013, Government has approved Cadre Restructuring of the Department for the creation of 20,751 additional posts and for carrying out various measures to increase the effectiveness of the Department. Details of the earleir and post-restructuring sanctioned Strength are at Annexure A.

2. Briefly the salient features of the approved restructuring are as under:

a. Number of assessment units (AUs) to be increased by 1080 to 3420 to 4500 for strengthening tax administration.
b. Expected nest additional revenue of Rs.25,756.04 crores per annum against expenditure of Rs.449.71 crores per annum.
c. Each Range to have one more Assessing Officer.
d. Increase in the number of Administrative CsIT deployed on assessment related functions to increase from 228 to 250
f. Creation of reserves numbering 620 created in the IRS cadre.
g. Bifurcation of the posts of the CITs in the HAG to SAG scales on functional Basis
h. Upgradation of all existing 116 posts of CCSIT in HAG+ and Apex scales along with an increase of their number by 1 post.
i. Strengthening of the training set-up with creation of three ore RTIs.
j. Directorates to be strengthened /reorganised. All the attached Directorates of CBDT to have a merged cadre of employees execpt for EDP cadre of Directorate General of Systems which would remain a seperate cadre.
k. New areas such as Risk Management to be taken up. Critical functional areas such as International Tax, Investigation, and TDS etc need to be expanded.
l. Strengthening the Appelllate / Advocacy structure by increasing the number of CIT appeals and providing them supporting man power. Advocacy structure in the ITAT to be strengthened.

3. Further details on the above proposals are enclosed for your information as Annexure B.

4. The induction of additional manpower across various levels along with implementation of the restructuring need to be carried our at the earliest, but in a planned and phased manner. To facilitate the process CBDT has constituted a Core Committee and is in the process of constituting other Sub-committees to handle various areas of implementation.

5. The primary objectives of the strengthening / restructuring exercise are to improve the efficiency of the Income Tax Department, maximize revenue collection and provide better services to tax payers, apart from improving career prospects of the employees.

6. The time-bound and successful implementation of Cadre restructuring can be achieved only with the pro-active participation of all the Cadre Controlling Authorities and concerted efforts of all officers and staff of the Department.

7. While the Core Committee and Sub-committees would be facilitating the implementation in consultation with all concerned, it is requested that all Cadre Controlling Authorities may immediately commence the preparatory exercises for implementation by taking the following steps:
a. Constitute Implementation Committees in their Regions representing all stakeholders.

b. Nominate nodal officer(s) who would be interacting with the Core Committee for providing inputs and obtaining feedback.

c. Take up the process of data collection on subjects such as organizational hierarchies. post deployment, workload, expenditure budget. revenue collection. logistics including infrastructure and location of offices and any other issues that may be specific to the Region as may require to be considered during implementation. Standardized format for communication of the required information would be provided to you at the earliest.

d. Take up the exercise of updating the APARs of all employees so that the process of DPCs is not held up or delayed on this account.

8. A detailed interaction with all Cadre Controlling Authorities and members of the Core Committee and Sub-committees will be held in Delhi at the Conference Hall of the Civic Centre at 10:00 a.m. on July 5 2013 to familiarize all concerned with the details of the Cadre restructuring proposals and discuss the terms-of-reference of each Subc ommittee for co-ordinated implementation of the Cadre Restructuring. Your valuable presence at the meeting is requested. The Agenda for the day’s programme shall be sent separately.

9. It is further requested that action on the matters referred to in Para 7 above may kindly be initiated immediately as this would facilitate meaningful and informed discussions during the proposed interaction.

10. We look forward to your whole-hearted co-operation and participation in this vital exercise, along with your cadres, to ensure that it is successfully implemented at the earliest and yields the best results to equip the Department to meet its challenges in the future.

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